Becoming a Personal Trainer—What to Know

If you are considering a career as a personal trainer Adelaide, there are some things you should consider before making that decision.  This career is not just about helping people get fit, build muscles, and help them lose weight.  One thing you need to consider is how to attract clients.  This is important whether you are starting your own business or starting to work in a gym.  Some have a personal training business but have a contractual agreement with a fitness center or gym.

In some gyms, you may be assigned to teach a fitness class but if you are hired as a personal trainer, they may or may not help you get clients.  If you work in a gym, you could offer a free fitness assessment or have a meet-and-greet.  When you are starting your business you will need to know how to do effective marketing to find your clients.

You can do in-person networking to build your client base whether you are affiliated with a gym or not.  You can develop a social media account advertising your business.  Tell friends, family, neighbors about your new business and offer a free session so they can spread the word to come to see you for a personal training session.

When working for yourself, you will need to understand business basics like taxes, insurance, how to keep track of income and expenses, and more.  If you are unsure what you need to do, talk to an accountant.  Sometimes when working for a gym as a personal trainer Melbourne, they may take care of taxes and insurance.

This is not a career where clients are just going to ‘fall into your lap.’  You will have to go out and work to establish a client base.  You have to be committed to this career and work hard to make it successful.  It can be hard for the first few months with very little income coming in until you build up a client base, whether you work for a gym or start your own business as a personal trainer Adelaide.

The one plus with working as a personal trainer, if you are starting your own business, is that you can work full or part-time.  Most prefer to work a full-time job but it is not always a 9-5 job.  When working as a successful personal trainer, you may have to work some nights and weekends as you have to adapt to the client’s schedule.

You also need to be understanding and able to listen to the client.  You also need to be able to teach your clients how to exercise the proper way.  You have to be able to motivate them to do their training and exercises to get healthy.  A personal trainer Melbourne has to know the right way to exercise, such as doing squats, the right way without hurting themselves.


If you are into fitness, being healthy, then this would be a career for you but make sure that you have the other qualities that will help to make you successful.



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