Benefits of Childcare and Early Education to Children’s Development


If you’re considering sending your child to childcare for the first time, you may be feeling confused or uncertain about the long-term impact of your decision. Will childcare really be beneficial for your child? 

The truth is, childcare has many fantastic benefits for children as they learn, grow, and explore, building new skills and understandings that will help them at school and in later life. Attending an early learning centre could be just what your child needs! 

To help you decide whether it’s time to enroll your child in an early education program, here are some of the key benefits of childcare for children’s development.

Promoting school readiness

Childcare has an important role to play in promoting school readiness, providing children with the skills they need to thrive in a school environment. 

At childcare, children are able to practise valuable skills while building confidence and independence. These things can make the transition to kindergarten or school much easier later on, as children already understand the demands of classroom learning. 

By allowing your child to learn and grow in an early education environment, you can provide them with opportunities to prepare for school, keeping their learning journey on track. 

Introducing routine

At childcare, children benefit from clear routines and schedules that help them engage meaningfully with learning programs.

When your child is at childcare, they will likely respond to set schedules for playing, napping, eating, and learning. Being a part of regular routines can help to provide children with structure, offering them stability as they discover the world around them. 

Participating in good routines at childcare can also help your child with home routines, such as meal and sleep times. Early learning routines may also be beneficial when children transition to school.

Supporting academic learning

Australian early learning centres are staffed by qualified early childhood educators, who deliver curriculum-guided teaching programs that support children’s academic development. 

Every day at childcare, children are encouraged to take part in educational programs and activities designed to help them learn important skills and concepts. The academic learning that children gain from attending a childcare centre can help them with later learning at school and beyond. 

Learning through play with help and guidance from professional educators and access to high-quality resources, children are provided with the support and knowledge they need to succeed.  

Fostering social development

Building social relationships is an important part of children’s learning and development, which is why social education is a key component of early childhood education.

At a childcare centre, children are able to learn important communication skills, sharing their ideas and interests with their peers and educators. They have the opportunity to make friends with other children, and they are able to learn from their friends in a nurturing early learning environment. 

Interacting with educators and other children can help your child develop valuable social skills that will help them with communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution later in life. 

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