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Benefits of Providing Activity Based Toys for Kids


Playtime isn’t just about getting the kids occupied in activity so they stay busy and out of trouble. Rather it is a way for children to understand the world around them and learn a set of skills. Toys for kids are the tools that will facilitate the child in this regard. When a baby is born one of the first few things that parents and relatives want to get for the child are baby toys. They look for all the cute fluffy ones that will put a smile on the infant’s face.

How Car Toys for Kids Help the Child in their Early Stages

As much as the child is unaware of their surrounding at that early stage but toys for kids will definitely put a smile and that look of complete surprise. This is why experts advise new parents to not just get anything they see or buy on impulse. They must do some research and understand the right baby doll toys for each age and stage. It wouldn’t be incorrect if we said playtime is serious business so make sure that while kids are having fun you are also indirectly stimulating their brain.

Social and emotional skills aren’t exactly learnt rather acquired and it is the right set of boys toys that will decide how the child grows up to be. We have always noticed how some children are confident while others are introverted and shy. A lot has to do with the kind of toys for kids their parents brought for them. As we discuss the suitable toy for each age, we will also talk about certain boys toys that aren’t favorable for the child. It is quite common to give car toys and guns to the child at a young age. Many parents consider them quite harmless but they may have repercussions which parents may not well be aware of.

A very sound advice by experts dealing with children said that you must always look for toys for kids which aid in the child’s social and emotional skills. And upon deliberating on this he couldn’t have been more accurate in saying that. Children must get in touch with their emotional side. This is how they will grow up to become sensitive of their surroundings. When we see a man show empathy for injured animals as oppose to someone who is insensitive towards animal treatment. It brings us toward one conclusive result and that is how the person has been in touch with their sensitive side. A lot has to do with the right toys for kids which the person had as a child.

How do babies play?

This is one of the most amazing area of study and leaves many people marveled at the findings. Baby toys are designed specifically keeping the first year of life in mind. This is the stage when the child is curious and wants to explore the world around them. Everything they see surprises them. We can all relate with that look of amazement on the baby’s face.

How they tend to raise their eyebrows and look at new faces in an attempt to recognize them. This is the stage when the infant uses their five senses to learn about the world around them. It is also very common for the kid to put everything in their mouth. As a parent you will get baby doll toys, girl toys or something which they can take in their hands and hold onto.

Babies develop new motor skills and for this to happen playtime must become more complex with the use of baby toys. At 4 months you will notice how infants reach for objects. By seven months there is more activity between hands. Around 9 months the child will be able to pick small toys for kids. When the baby is born parents entertain the child. Gradually, they are more in tune of their environment and it is safe to put them in company of other babies. Whether it is car toys for kids or baby doll toys there are age appropriate ones that will facilitate the child’s development in the right direction.

For now, you are your baby’s favorite playmate. Have you ever danced a puppet in front of your baby’s face, only to have him grab it and pull it toward his mouth? Or has he ever squealed in anticipation and delight when you creep toward him, saying, I’m gonna get you.

Every interaction that parents have with the child it helps to improve their language skills. When you try to communicate with you little one they will also try to talk back in their own language. This is a very important stage and highly encouraged. Playtime must not be a replacement for the parent. Remember the time and memories you make with the child by playing their favorite car toys or boys toys will always stay in their mind. They will look back at it fondly. Expensive toys for kids can never replace the parent.

Smart Baby Toys

Some of the most sought after baby girl toys are dolls. For a nursery you can also look for hanging objects that are hanged in a crib. These are very helpful in stimulating vision and developing attention span. Mirror is another option that you can have in the nursery and it will help the child look at their face and expressions. This is a way for the child to learn more about expressions and a way for the child to self-discover their body parts etc.


While there are many toys for kids that you can find online but one of the popular ones for each stage and age can be found easily on The classic colored rings will help the kid practice fine motor skills. Toddlers also learn more numbers and colors through these fun activity based toys for kids. There are many options for buying car toys for kids but we suggest you opt for those that are educational and interactive. It is also important to ensure that the toy which you are getting for the baby is safe and follows all the safety parameters. The child is likely to put in their mouth that can get fatal so ensure it is non-toxic and not too small.



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