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Have you ever thought of a situation where your glasses accidentally break and you need one in an emergency? Well, this is one common situation when it comes to glasses, but there are super smart ways in which you could actually get your same-day glasses

Same day glasses 

Emergency or a requirement for a new pair of glasses can occur anytime, so make sure to look for a place to find the glasses that reach you in no time. And if you are still the same then we have a perfect pick just for you. At Specscart, you can have your glasses right on time for any emergency needs, and do you know how? 

For that you have to place the order with them, once the order is placed, their glasses are dispatched in a time span of 24 hrs and then reach you by the very day. 

They have made it possible with the help of their in-house laboratory in Bury, Manchester which makes it possible for them to actually operate at a fast rate. Apart from that their extremely experienced technicians and high-end equipment make it super easier for them to work with utmost professionalism. The glasses go through a three-point quality check that ensures the quality of the glasses as well. And voila, your glasses are ready to be yours in no time. 

4 frames and 7 days 

Now if you are looking to get your hands on the best of their glasses, many of you might feel that lack of confidence in order to select the glasses without trying them out once. And this dilemma is well catered to by Specscart by offering a free home trial. 

And how does this work? You have to select the frames, that is 4 of them that you would like to try, and order the frames. Apart from that, you will receive 3 different lenses which include one that is adaptive lenses, blue light lenses, and anti-glare lenses, and also a blue lens that you could actually use to see that the ant-blue light lenses block the blue light. All this for 7 days and by the end of it you can select the frame of your choice and a fresh pair will be sent to you. And if you still do not have the one you have been looking for then all you have to do is order the next home trial box again and again till you find the one you have been looking for. 

Free protective coatings 

We have talked about some of the best services that help in making one’s user experience better. Also one should be well aware of the protection that your glasses require other than the vision support, and if one has not yet received their protective cover on the glasses then this is your calling. 

Now, these coatings come without saying as they are essential to keep in tap with, at Specscart they offer a free complete protective coating that includes anti-scratch, anti-glare, and even anti-blue light glasses making sure that the glasses are packed with everything that your eyes need. 

What are the benefits of protective coating?

This question is one of the usuals, and we have the perfect answer for the same. This will definitely motivate you to get your pair of women’s glasses online as armour for the eyes. 

Anti-blue light glasses 

Just as said, it is important for one to actually fight the digital blues and that can be well done with the anti-blue light glasses right by your side. When overexposed these lights might have effects such as eye strain and minor headaches as well, which might be difficult for one to look at the screen. 

Anti-blue light glasses are able to effectively block the effects and help in increasing the efficiency of the eyes. Apart from that, one should also make sure to use these even during the night while looking at the screen in dim light conditions. 

Anti-glare glasses 

Just as your eyes need protection against blue light, in the same way, it is important for one to have complete protection against glare. Glare is the sharp light caused by the reflection and once it hits the eyes it makes it quite difficult to see further at the moment creating a blinding effect. These anti-glare lenses are effectively able to block the horizontal rays that cause the glare making it easier to see and letting the rest of the rays pass through. 

This will absolutely help one to have their way through the bright light while driving through the night even your day at the beach. 

Anti-UV glasses 

Just as your naked skin requires protection against the harsh UV rays from the sun in the same way your eyes need protection against the same. The ant-UV lenses or the glasses make it easier for one to actually block these rays from reaching the eyes and even prevent any further damage that can be caused due to the same. 


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