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Parenting is one of the intricate jobs for the parents, one which needs to be done not only with cleverness but also with affection and understanding. It’s just not the way how you teach your child to walk or to write something. Parenting means how you deal with the changes in your own life since the birth of your child, till the time they become adult.

No stage of the parenting, be it taking care of the newborns or of the children just hitting their puberty, is easy. Each stage has its own merriment, hardships, and experience. So, parents need to be more careful, and more information about the best parenting tips. These are nothing but the triggering knowledge need because one thing will always remain undeniable- no book can make you learn how to be the best parent to your child.

So, let’s have a look at what’s stored for the parenting of every stage in your child’s life!


Newborn moms need to be most careful with their babies because it is during this time that babies remain vulnerable, and needs a mother’s warmth the most. From the very first time you will hold your baby in your arms till the time when he or she will start crawling, each second matters, for both you and your baby.

Things are certainly going to change but that’s the uniqueness of being parents because every second you will be surprised. So, here the best parenting tips that will help you to handle your newborn.

∙        Soothing the wailing baby needs care and the six famous tactics: swaddling, holder her sideways, shushing, breastfeeding, and swinging her in your arms.

        Don’t forget to take a lesson on how to help the baby to latch onto your breast. Breast shields work best in such circumstances.

        Utilize your time perfectly. Work during the days, and don’t care about waking up the baby because they are familiar with the loud sounds.

        Keep the things ready for the next feeding once the previous one is over. Also, arrange your necessities properly and within your reach.

        Simply massage the plump cheeks of your newborn to keep him or her awake during feeding. This is perhaps the best parenting tip for newborns.

        Don’t forget to hand over some responsibilities to the dad.

        Heat a blanket with the heating pad and then wrap it loosely around your baby. This will provide the warmth he needs to sleep properly in the bassinet.

        Do learn her sweet spot, like the nose, the ear tips, the neck, and so on, to help her sleep easily. This is one of the best parenting tips for infants.

        Place two to three layers of bedding in the crib to avoid the 2 AM laundry once your baby starts fussing due to the wetness.


The 3-years old kids are very sensitive because they have just started knowing what’s around them. And that’s why you need to be very cautious about how you deal with them, be it making them learn the importance of discipline or feeding them the dishes they dislike the most.

So, here are some of the best parenting tips that will help you to handle your little precious bundle of curiosity.

        Do understand that your kid is not some superhero that he will be able to do everything. So, stop forcing him and let him do things which his little hands can do.

        Children make mistakes because they learn from those mistakes only. So, rather than correcting them at every instant, form a connection with them, support them and encourage them to try once again.

        Don’t leave your kid to achieve something on his own statement that he is big enough. If he is finding difficulty in eating on, feed him, and make him learn new ways to do the task.

        A 3 years old kid will always loom up to you and will understand only your words. So, make sure you are speaking correctly.

        Give them a chance to do the icing of the cake or dust the couch. Surely he will fail or will make a mess, but he will have the satisfaction that his contribution matters to you.

        Don’t expect him to bath every day without making a fuss or study his lessons without yawning.

        One of the major parenting tips for 3 years kid is to support them, mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Toddlers are perhaps the most difficult ones to handle, all thanks to their superfast legs, their eagerness to fly even when they cannot walk properly, and their curiosity which is way sharper than a cat’s.

So, when you are looking for the best parenting tips for toddlers, always remember that the ways in which you will handle your kid will be different from someone else. On a broader spectrum they will be all same, but when applied to the individual toddlers, they will vary greatly.

        Toddles need affection and love more than the strictness which you will be exercising to show them the right path.

        As for the parenting tips for 1 year old or parenting tips for 2 year old toddler, make sure you are well ready to handle their cute yet messy tantrums.

∙        Segregate the rules you have set for your kid and then make him or her learn them slowly, according to the priority level.

        Plan how will you make your kid realize the gravity of his or her actions. It’s not wise to beat him up every time he will make a mistake.  

        Don’t miss on moments where your child needs nothing but a few encouraging advice to fight his own struggles, like running in a race or doing a math problem correctly. This is the best parenting tip which you must remember.


Going for holidays with infants can be risky, but if you are aware of the parenting tips for infants, especially those for holidays, then the vacation will become the most memorable one for you and your kid also.

        Upon reaching the place, carefully place the belongings to make it look like your home. This will provide the comfort which your baby needs.

        It’s not your home, so you need to be very fast with the diapers. Design the baby-changing place with all the necessities already in position.

        Make sure you are not overcrowding the room. Your baby needs space to play.

        Most babies make a fuss while napping in a strange place. So, walk with your baby in the baby backpack, take him for a long walk in an umbrella stroller, go to scenic views. This will help your baby to sleep.

        Plan the nursing time properly. Carry small zipper bags with the formula your baby eats to utilize the maximum space.

        One of the effective parenting tips for the holidays for infants is to bend a few rules to make the vacations comfortable.


For the middle schoolers, going on a vacation with the family is very important, because they need their own share of stress relief and some sort of merriment. But, before going on a vacation, you do need to be aware of the best parenting tips for taking the kids on a vacation.

        Though holidays are stress relievers, they also put a lot of pressure on the kids since they need to handle a lot of different changes, including the faces of their close persons to the room they live in.

        As middle schoolers are a fast learner, make sure to teach them what they have to do when you all will be on holiday.

        If it’s necessary you can even give them some warnings like you won’t take them to the sightseeing if they don’t behave properly.

        Make them learn about the places you all will be visiting and the dangers of those places.

        Kids get tired easily. So plan the events for each day carefully. For long-distance travels, keep one event per day. This is actually one of the best parenting tips for the holidays for middle schoolers.


In India, parents need to more careful about their kids because of the ailing conditions of children’s health country-wide. Though there is not much difference between enriching your child with values and discipline in India or in some other countries, lifestyles need to be kept in mind.

So, here are the best parenting tips for Indian parents.

        Make sure they are eating lots of fruits and vegetables rather than oily junks which are common in India.

        Go on regular health checkups because most Indian parents have a tendency to neglect this.

        Make sure to provide the warmth and affection they need.

        Understand that schools and homes are different, and at home, your kid doesn’t have to be perfect to impress you.

        Allow them some form of natural entertainment but avoid giving them mobiles or TV remotes.


Here are some of the most effective parenting tips for preschoolers.

        Schools are places of no delay or mistakes. So, refine their communication and make them confident in what they say.

        Teach your kid to listen first, understand what the opposite person is speaking and then speak.

        Make your kid learn to do teamwork. Also, make them understand the importance of working properly in a team.

        Teach them to follow the instructions, to abide by the rules, and to be polite and generous.

        Make sure they know how to handle the stationery like bags, pencils, and so on. 


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