Best QR Code Uses On Advertising: How To Gain International Recognition


QR codes started its humble beginnings from being an automotive assembly process tool, to one that’s used not just to provide medical information, but also to promote products and services in advertising campaigns.

Statista recorded that 45% of shoppers in the US have been scanning marketing-related QR codes since 2021.

That figure alone shows how advertisers are revolutionizing today’s marketing path for most brands.

Since a QR code generator is available online, brands are now successfully gaining more engagements and conversions with every campaign they host.

As they use them, people remember a few successful QR code campaigns that are gaining a greater customer base and revenue throughout the years.

Successful QR Code Campaigns That Gain International Recognition Today

Coinbase Floating QR code Ad

During the recent SuperBowl event, cryptocurrency company Coinbase made a very unusual commercial during the event with a floating QR code that mimics the old DVD screensaver.

This ad created a national buzz among the cable TV watchers of the event, who were puzzled about what the ad meant.

The QR code in this ad redirects to their landing page, where the scanner can register and get a chance to win 15 dollars’ worth of free Bitcoin. The ad was titled “Less Talk, More Bitcoin Ad.”

The CoinBase QR code ad recently won a Grand Prix award for the Direct Ad category given by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Korean eMart Sundial QR code campaign

Even though the campaign took place in 2012, the media are still not over the fact that the Korean eMart campaign is ahead of its time.

Their sundial QR code campaign is a wonder for many spectators and shoppers. eMart uses a 3D QR code that redirects users to a discount page that they can redeem.

The discounts can go as high as 12 USD, which is saved during lunchtime. The campaign gained a 25% increase in sales.

L’Oréal Paris QR code campaigns 

If there is one international brand that successfully uses QR codes to attract more customers to purchase their products, it’s L’Oréal Paris.

They use these codes to attract busy, on-the-go users who have no time to try on the makeup they are planning to choose and buy.

The campaign is called a “Virtual Try-On” campaign, and it works by scanning the QR code placed in the magazine space paid by the cosmetics brand.

Aside from the virtual try-on campaigns, the brand also uses the 2D barcode to display additional information about its product.

For small cosmetics brands out there, they can use a PDF QR code to store their digital guide and add them to their packaging.

Drone QR code campaigns

Taking inspiration from the sci-fi movie Blade Runner 2049, most brands and event organizers take the initiative to carry their campaigns to the next level.

The next level they think of is by using drones to display their QR codes to reach a wider audience and increase the scan impressions made. So far, two events have used this marketing campaign to promote their material.

The first one was in 2021; BiliBili and Cygames hosted a drone show in Shanghai to mark the anniversary of the game, Princess Connect Re: Dive, where the game characters are formed and a QR code is shown in the last part of the event.

The second one is during the 2022 SXSW festival, where one event sponsor, Paramount, advertises their upcoming series adaptation of the game Halo. The drone show took place in Dallas at night and created a huge buzz among the spectators.

If you are planning to run a QR code campaign that can leave a significant mark on people, you can level up your QR code designs using a free QR code generator and plan out your next innovative campaign.  

With the previous notable QR code campaigns, it is evident that these two-dimensional barcodes have earned their popularity in the advertising domain.

Want to start using one for your small business? Gather great ideas from your marketing team and integrate those in your QR code campaigns.

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