Best Self Defense Skills for Kids

Children are often some of the most vulnerable in society, and knowing some self-defense skills can help to keep them safer and to boost their confidence. A confident child will often be happier in many areas of life and more likely to try new things and move out of their comfort zone.

Why Kids Need Self Defense Skills

Self-defense skills are a useful tool for many areas of life that are not always strictly a dangerous scenario. Knowing self-defense can boost confidence, help to make friends, deter bullying, and teach them conflict resolution as well. Learning self-defense does not mean there will always be a physical response or action, but they will defend themselves and others as needed from anything that is a risk or threat to them. Try to find a defense system that works for your child, something like Head Academy Kung Fu for kids is good for kids of all sizes and ages. 

Vocal Confidence

Speaking up in a confident voice can be one of the most useful self-defense skills. It can ward off bullies and show that they will not be easily pushed around or taken advantage of. In many situations, this skill will cause others to think before they move forward in a threatening manner and may warn those who intend harm on them to register that they will not go easily and will not be an easy target. When in a scary or seems threatening situation, a child must know how to draw attention to themselves and what is happening. By having a strong and confident voice, they can yell for help, make it clear to bystanders that they are in danger, and with no sign of hesitation in their voice, others will understand quickly that the situation is serious.

Look for Exits and Focus on Flight

In any situation, a child should know where the exits are and how to get to them. In many situations, this is a safety skill and can become a regular part of arriving somewhere new, done while barely noticing they are. Most often, a child will not win in a fight, especially with an adult or an older child, so they must focus on ways to get away and escape the situation. Be aware of your surroundings and look for opportunities to run out of the room or the space to get as far away from the threat as possible.

Trust Your Intuition

People often feel uncomfortable in a new situation, but there is a different intuitive reaction when something feels dangerous. This will frequently cause fear and worry, keep the child on edge and look around for other people, and these cues are important to watch for, and they should be encouraged to respond in ways that make them feel safe. However, it is acceptable to leave an unsafe situation, and those feelings should not be ignored.

Stay in a Group

When going somewhere without parents, or where parents can be a little distance away, such as sports fields or games, trick or treating, and other events, it is best to stay with friends and keep in a group. This helps to keep each of the children safer and can deter threats.


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