Best Stock Twitter Accounts: Top 5 Experts You Should Follow

Learning how to trade on the stock market may be a rather difficult task: there’s just too much information you have to memorize, too many details to take into account. However, you don’t have to do all that learning completely on your own. There are many independent experts who share great insights and educational materials with their followers on social media, particularly on Twitter. But how do you know who to follow? Worry not, we have gathered a list of 5 stock market experts you should start with — read the article, follow them, and start learning.

James Chen (@JamesChenFX)

James Chen is mostly known for his books about stock trading or managing your investments, but his Twitter account is another great source of educational information for newbies. There’s a focus on technical analysis here, and you can also find a lot of useful graphs to help you with learning the basics of stock trading. The account currently has about 14.500 followers.

Dana Lyons (@JLyonsFundMGMT)

This account belongs to Dana Lyons, a partner at J. Lyons Fund Management. You can really learn a lot from him since the account features many informative charts, extensive information on market trends, and also a variety of links for further reading. This way you can learn to read economic sources and gradually grow your trading skills. Dana Lyons has 19.000 followers.

Jim Cramer (@jimcramer)

With stunning 1.8 million followers, this is simply one of the best stock Twitter accounts that’s run by Jim Cramer, a host of “Mad Money” on CNBC. He is an expert in hedge fund management, and you can learn a lot about the basics of making or diversifying a portfolio from him, so make sure to follow the account right now.

Barry Ritholtz (@ritholtz)

Widely known as an equities analyst and blogger, Barry Ritholtz shares his insights and crucial information about stock trading with his 195.000 followers on Twitter. You can easily become one of them to receive fresh economic news and other educational materials. Check out Barry’s podcast called “Masters in Business” for even more practical advice on stock trading.

Greg Harmon (@harmongreg)

With about 53.000 followers, this account is a rather influential source of trade ideas and info on market trends. The account is run by Greg Harmon, an experienced stock and option trader who is also a founder and president at Dragonfly Capital. Join this account to get a steady flow of important financial advice right on Twitter.



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