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Best Tips to care for your leather backpacks

Do you have a new leather bag and don’t know how to take care of the leather? Today, we will give you some tips to answer all your questions and choose from the many leather accessories that they offer you. Caring for leather can be easier than you think!

The leather

It comes from the skin or layer of tissue that covers the meat of animals. It is characterized by great resistance and flexibility, which gives it a plus for subsequent handling and treatment.

When it is used to produce manufactured products, it is called leather goods. Sector in which Art and Leather specializes.

If you are not clear about how to take care of the leather of your garments, do not worry because they will help you.

Tips for caring for leather bags Do you know how to care for the leather in your favourite bag?

Surely you have wished many times to have a vegan leather backpack. “Your favourite and high-quality leather bag “, but you did not dare to buy it because of the outlay it involved and mainly because you did not know how to take care of the leather.

What is the perfect treatment to maintain it? How do you clean the leather? What is the best way to keep it at home? 

Its care will be a true reflection of the appearance of the bag, and since they have paid a specific amount of money on it, what better way to make it look as beautiful and cared for as possible. Feel free to read on if you want to learn how to care for leather!

When you buy a leather bag, they usually give a cover for you to keep inside it, but if not, you can make it with cotton fabric. The idea is to avoid any unnecessary rubbing or staining.

Dry paper

It is convenient to fill the bag with newspaper, magazine or onion paper each time you put it away. This way, you will avoid deformations.

Do not support anything on top.

Don’t put any weight on yourself. They recommend not supporting one on top of the other because their weight can deform them and lose their original state and appearance.

Beware of stains

Try with a damp cloth and try small and gentle circular movements to remove the stain. If you still do not get it, go to a specialist or a dry cleaner. They will surely leave it as new!

Humidity is not good either.

If, for any reason, the bag is wet, do not apply direct heat to it. This is not an option. Once dry, it is convenient to hydrate it so that it recovers its ideal state.

Could you protect it from alcohol?

Any perfume or alcoholic drink can stain the bag. You must be careful when putting on cologne because if you do it at the last moment, quickly and running, before leaving the house when you are going to leave, you must remember to remove the bag. Remember that cleaning the skin is not an easy task!

Oil stains

Oil stains also have a solution. Talcum powder should be applied (as quickly as possible) so that the oil is absorbed. It is advisable to leave the powders to rest for a few hours. When removing it, do it very carefully and with the help of a soft brush.

Use creams but be careful with their components.

The creams for leather are a good option sometimes, but you must remember that these should not wear components such as silicone or oil or derivatives.

Hydrate it

It is advisable to hydrate it at least once or twice a year. In this way, you will prevent the leather from weakening and losing its good appearance. For this, you have many specific products that prevent the leather from spoiling. With patience, you will learn how to take care of the leather of your bags. Nivea moisturizer is a very good trick to prevent your bag from drying out.

Check what you keep

Try not to put in your bag certain products that stain, are greasy, or whose closure can be opened at any time. They suggest not putting makeup and bottles of cologne! Ink can also be an enemy right now. Putting pens puts you at risk of exploding and staining your purses.

Don’t load it too much.

Likewise, avoid carrying a lot of your bag or suitcase. The more it weighs, the easier it is for its handles to crack. It’s not at all illogical.

Be careful with your hands.

When handling the bag, handle a bag with clean hands and carefully thus, you will avoid disappointments. A leather bag requires fairly demanding care, but maintaining it is not the same as removing specific stains.

Brush it

If you use your leather bag repeatedly over time and it will cost you more to know how to care for the leather, they recommend brushing it a couple of times a year. 

It is worth mentioning that those bags with more delicate leather will need more detailed and in-depth care. Within these skins, they find those of snakes, crocodiles or ostriches. Knowing how to care for the leather of the latter requires a more detailed study.

As you have seen, to know how to clean leather, you don’t have to be an expert or a professional. With a little skill, it can be achieved.   You are aware that cleaning the skin of leather garments is a bit boring, that nobody likes you and that you are lazy to do, but if you knew all the benefits, you would not hesitate.


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