What is the Best Wood For Garden Furniture?

What is the best wood for garden furniture? This is a question that often bewilders, despite there being numerous candidates. In the end, most people tend to go for hardwood species such as oak, cherry, and teak. These are certainly very popular options but are they really the best option for your needs?

Best Wood For Garden Furniture

Hardwood is an appropriate material if you are looking for quality, durability, and a long lifespan. In general, it is considered to be the best wood in the world. However, there are various types of wood and each one has its own benefits. To help you make the right choice, we have outlined the main advantages of some of the best types of woods you can use:

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak Garden Furniture Teak has natural oils which give it a rich, golden color. Due to this nature of color, outdoor furniture UAE is extremely durable and requires almost no maintenance at all. Teak also contains silica which adds to its beauty and provides a smooth surface for staining or painting. The wood is naturally weather-resistant and as such, you do not have to be afraid of getting your teak furniture damaged by drastic temperature changes.

Oak Wood Oak

Oak Wood Oak is a durable hardwood with a classic elegant grain pattern. It is a close relative of walnut and is renowned for its strength and durability. The wood species is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Despite this fact, it is prone to yellowing when exposed to humidity for a longer period of time. Due to this reason, the best way to keep oak looking its best is to apply a protective finish and protect it with sealants on a regular basis.


This is considered to be the hardest and most beautiful wood available. It is resistant to decay and has a very fine feel in your hands. The natural honey in the wood makes it a perfect material for making tables, chairs, and even musical instruments. Cherrywood also resists shock and does not break that easily. However, the best part about cherrywood furniture is that it looks good almost anywhere and can blend with any decor.

Beech Wood Beech

Beech Wood Beech is another very popular wood species that is used extensively for garden furniture. The wood is relatively hard and strong and can be seen in all types of outdoor furniture ranging from benches to rocking chairs. Its natural golden color adds to its attractiveness and makes it a very versatile material.

Wormy Chestnut

The chestnut is hardwood yet soft enough to work well with most types of decor. Due to its unique character, the chestnut is very often carved into famous sculptures. This wood varies in color depending on the vein it is mined from. There are lighter shades of chestnut that have earthier shades whereas the darker shades have lighter flecks that add more rustic beauty to the pieces. So if you’re looking for a lighter color with more of a natural tone, opt for chestnut.

Oak Wood

The oak tree is probably one of the most versatile materials you can use for garden furniture. Due to its durability and ability to blend well with other materials, oak has become a very popular choice. However, there are some types of oak that are highly desirable such as the heart pine or the white oak and these can easily cost you a bit of money.

Beech Wood

If you’re looking for a material that’s highly sustainable and can also withstand a lot of weather changes, beechwood is the best option. Due to its resistance towards dry rot and insects, the wood used for garden benches is very stable. It can also withstand changeable weather and will not crack or splinter. In addition to being highly versatile, this type of wood is also good for furniture that needs to be left outdoors.


Alder, What is the best wood for garden furniture? Due to its high oil content, alder wood is known for its ability to resist decay and insect infestations. However, it is a bit expensive and is usually used in outdoor furniture that needs to stand the test of time.


Other Than these 5 major kinds of wood, what is the best material for garden furniture? These are just a few options. If you’re planning to start a garden business, you should visit several brands stores. Whatever you decide on, you can have a new garden set that is unique and that your guests will surely love.


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