Beth Dutton: The Most Fierce And Energetic Girl From The Show

Being the fundamental part of an important family brings a lot on your shoulders, and you have an ace everyone’s expectations. No matter how many times and how far you went from your family, somewhere, and somehow the expectations will get you.

This is just a glimpse of the story of one of the fiercest female protagonists from television — Beth Dutton. She is the urban woman who unleashed the animal within to take on the big cities. She is the only daughter of John Dutton.

She has three brothers, one dead and two alive; her mother died when she was young. Her father was the big ranch owner of their native town—a strong man who makes his every word true. Well, John Dutton is not the kind of man you all can handle easily. 

Taking the genetic stubbornness and sturdiness, Beth Dutton grew up without a mother, which shaped her into a pretty independent lady. Even nurturing without any female influence, Beth grew up like a fashionista, especially Beth Dutton Wardrobe Season 3 has such chic and stylish outfits.

His father once adopted an orphan boy who just lost his parents into his family, and from the very start, Beth was into him. She has something special for him. Her love life has many ups and downs, but the inner crush for that orphan boy named Rip never ended.

She started a love life with him, which fluctuated a lot, and they have many feuds with each other, but they made it work and get together in the end. The actor who portrayed the iconic Beth Dutton is not so open she has her personal life hidden from paparazzi.

But the actress has revealed that she loves playing Beth on Television. As she quoted that Beth has a complex and laminated character, and her persona is written impeccably. Beth is also one of the smartest characters that she played, and Beth never apologizes for her action; that’s what makes her different.

Beth has many layers of her personality, and everyone doesn’t like her, but she has her reasons for turning out to be like that. She had many incidents in her life that formed her the way she turned out. After losing a mother as a vulnerable little girl, she has seen many difficulties.

Beth is not exactly a role model like everyone, but there is no rule book of being a role model, or is there? She is deeply hurt but also loyal and brilliant to the depth. She indeed showed her power by holding her ranch in this male-chauvinist world.

Even without fighting, she ends up winning every time. She is not a woman who is just trying, she only knows the exact idea of how to play in a male-dominated world, and every single time she has proved herself worthy of being called an empowered woman.

She even suffered from severe depression and wanted to kill herself, but she fought with that by showing the strongest side of her personality. She went on a guilt-trip of being responsible for her mother’s demise, and one time she even took the gun to kill herself.

She was tougher-than-stones as she manifested her way with her not-so-supporting father and problematic family. Her father used her for his benefit, and he took advantage of her controversial and impactful personality.

The most compelling unsolved question from the show is why Beth hated her brothers? Not just with her words, but she has shown it with her actions too. She hated James from the start, though she wasn’t a saint herself, her hatred towards her brother is completely hideous.

There are many theories about her actions, and there are many controversial rumors about it, which can’t be confirmed until the show creators reveal that. One thing that is certain that this rivalry between brother and sister might be because of Beth’s rough relationship with the ranch.

Her failed pregnancy could also be the reason. Beth has a flourishing career in being a banker, but her duties as a banker were taking her away from the ranch. As there is only one thing a person can concentrate on and keeping the balance between two was even hard for Beth.

With her shifting personality, one thing remained firm throughout the season: her classy and chic wardrobe. She managed to kill us with every look; her personality reflected her look even though she doesn’t have a delicate style.

Her wardrobe consisted of impactful and robust clothing. Still, she also had a whimsical touch with her feminine side, especially in the Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Coat with a hood and many beautiful colors. Portraying such a strong female lead is not easy, but the actress did justice with her role and her looks both.


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