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Buying Guide to get the Best & Authentic Designer Handbags? 

Before buying a bag, there are a lot of questions that come to your mind. Most people doubt which type of designer handbag they should buy that makes a striking impression at the job interview. 

One thing that every woman needs to understand is that priorly you need to know the purpose of buying a handbag, then you need to choose the style that aligns with your fashion. For example, for an interview purpose, a handbag should be easy to carry, and it should be able to fit your documents that include your resume or portfolio, reference letters, business cards. The designer handbag should be able to demonstrate your unique sense of style. 

You need to remember some points when choosing an authentic designer handbag for your interview purpose. They are as follows:

  1. Pick a handbag that has multiple pockets inside the bag so that you can store all your essentials like mobile phones, pens, business cards, keys, power bank, and many more. This way, it helps you pull out the required things quickly; you do not need to pour out all the stuff and search for the particular item. 
  2. Your luxury designer handbag should be significant, and that should allow you to carry all your interview-related belongings. 
  3. Choose a handbag that has a feature of either zipper lock, magnetic lock, or Velcro that will decrease the chance of falling down your belongings from the bag.  
  4. Ensure that your bag matches your outfit to look classy and presentable to the interviewer. 
  5. You don’t need to look too casual. So, avoid using cotton or nylon handbags. Go for a black or brown leather handbag, that is the best choice. 
  6. No matter how trendy your designer handbag is, if you have stains and dark marks on the exterior of your bag, you will not have a good impression portrayed to the interviewer. So, make sure to keep your handbag clean and neat. 

Then another question that generally arises for a woman is, what are the things needed to be considered when looking to buy a designer handbag for travel purposes? Here are the things. Make a note: 

  1. Priorly, you need to consider safety when buying a travel bag. 
  2. You have to keep your belongings safe such as your passport, travel documents, currency, and personal belongings. 
  3. Your designer travel handbag should be able to carry your valued travel particulars such as credit cards, passport, hotel key, traveller checks, and other forms of travel ID. 
  4. Your handbag should be designed in a way that is featured with solid and secure straps, magnetic or zippered locks, internal storage with pockets. 

Now, another doubt arises for women: how to spot the genuine designer handbag before buying? 

Nowadays, we see many people selling fake handbags as branded ones and designer ones for cash. Most street vendors sell fake bags, so do not fall for them. When you are spending a lot of money on buying a designer handbag, you have to be sure whether it is an original branded designer handbag or not. 

Here are the tips for finding out if the bag is original or fake. They are mentioned below: 

  1. Take a clear look at the design: 

Usually, high-end designer handbags are made with high quality so that you can spot the difference between a designer handbag and a fake one. Also, you check the inner stitching, smell, and feel of the material. A genuine designer handbag will look perfect, and for the fake one, you’ll see the flaws. 

  1. Ask for the Proof of Authentication: 

The most luxurious designer handbags are delivered to you with authenticity cards. The authenticity card will display the company brand logo and include the serial number. Make sure that you ask the seller about these pieces of information to purchase a designer handbag. 

After reading this, every woman will get an idea and think that choosing an authentic designer handbag is not rocket science. Still, some critical points need to be considered before purchasing. Now, you have enough knowledge to buy a bag. 

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