BYJU’S Classes are making teaching for parents easier: Here’s how

BYJU’S is an award-winning ed-tech company that provides students with the best study program. It is one of the favorite learning apps available on the internet. The app contains classes and programs for students of any standard- from LKG to class 12. BYJU’S reviews by parents reveal that parents have an easier time teaching their children when they have already learned the subject from BYJU’S classes. Here is how BYJU’S classes make the learning procedure more straightforward. 

The best teachers from across India

BYJU’S has gathered the best teachers from across India to make the study programs easy for all the students to understand. The teachers not only explain the topics well but also clear the doubts of the students from time to time. BYJU’S has recently launched a two-teacher method of teaching. One teacher explains the topic in this method, and another provides personalized guidance to the student by clearing their doubts and questions. When the students have already become aware of the subject, it becomes easier for the parents to keep their students engaged in their studies. 

Personalized learning journeys

BYJU’S has developed technology to provide every student with personalized learning journeys. A customized journey gives students an overview of their progress on the syllabus. Also, the app offers students a personalized learning experience based on their capabilities and proficiency levels, allowing students to learn in their way and style. In addition, personalized learning journeys help parents track their children’s progress and inspire them to learn more and continue their studies. 

Study material and tests

In BYJU’S, the educators provide regular study material and practice papers through which the students prepare themselves well. Practice papers and study materials are designed, so students don’t just go over notes and textbooks but also think independently. Teachers also inspire the students to learn more and think creatively beyond what is being taught. Parents can also keep an eye on whether their children are practicing well. Also, the teachers take regular exams through which the students identify the gaps in their learning. The result of the children’s final exams allows parents to monitor their preparation for the exams. 

Parent-teacher meeting 

Any school or institution should hold parent-teacher meetings as one of its most important activities. The PTM is a fantastic way for teachers and parents to work together for the child’s benefit. During a PTM, the student’s performance is assessed both academically and non-academically. In the 360° teaching-learning initiative by BYJU’S, parent-teacher meetings are regularly arranged so the parents know their children’s performance in class and their examinations. 

Unlimited revision opportunity

BYJU’S provide unlimited access to all the classes for their subscribers. The recorded classes allow students to review any topic at any time. Also, parents can help their children revise each subject regularly in recorded courses, so they do not forget the topics easily. 

Through BYJU’S classes, parents and students become study companions. Students get inspired to learn, and parents help them by motivating them in their studies. There are so many BYJU’S classes reviews across the internet that show satisfaction of both students and parents after opting for BYJU’S classes. 



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