For students with a wide range of skills, including those whose first language is not English, the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum offers a choice of options. We assist schools in designing programs that meet their unique requirements. It is simple to add breadth and cross-curricular perspectives once a solid foundation of basic courses has been established. Our approach is based on encouraging students to engage with a range of topics and draw connections between them.

Cambridge IGCSE provides schools with a flexible and engaging curriculum, as well as first-rate tools and instruction. You can consider doing schooling for your child in Campus K, one of the best Cambridge syllabus schools in Chennai.

What defines IGCSE Core from IGCSE Extended?

In several topics, there is a choice between Core and Extended curriculum papers to account for varying abilities. The majority of kids are able to complete the Core curriculum. It gives a thorough review of the topic and is intended for students who should receive grades C to G. The more academically gifted should use the Extended curriculum. It is intended for students who should receive grades between A* and E. It serves as the ideal launching pad for further studies.

The Cambridge IGCSE offers approximately 70 disciplines, including 30 languages, and schools are free to offer any mix of those subjects. The Cambridge IGCSE enhances students’ understanding of, competency with, and aptitude in:

  • topic content
  • Applying information and insight to both new and recurring circumstances
  • intellectual exploration
  • adaptability and change readiness
  • Working in English and communicating to influence results
  • cultural sensitivity

The Cambridge IGCSE was developed with the help of schools all across the world. The curricula have an international perspective while still being relevant locally. They avoid cultural bias because they were made expressly with an international student body in mind.

Cambridge Curriculum

For kids aged 3 to 18, CIS offers a comprehensive educational curriculum that includes the Cambridge Advanced Levels, a requirement for admission to universities.

The curriculum at CIS is based on the Cambridge Assessment International Education’s international curriculum, which starts with Cambridge Primary and progresses through IGCSE, AS, and A Level in the senior years. The integrated international programs provide a seamless transition through the academic years and give students the chance to excel in a challenging, externally evaluated, and well-regarded international educational program.

Primary School Years

The Cambridge framework offers curricula for the important areas of science, math, and English (or English as a Second Language). The English National Curriculum serves as the foundation for other courses. They include music, physical education, personal and social education, geography, history, ICT (computers), and art. According to the Slovak school curriculum, Slovak is taught to native speakers starting in Year 2, and German and Spanish as a second language beginning in Year 4.

For every subject we teach besides Slovak, German, and Spanish, the Cambridge and National Curriculum programs provide assertions of content, knowledge, abilities, and comprehension as well as attainment target levels. A broad variety of resources are available to help teachers, and the school makes many purchases, but primarily from the UK.

Secondary School Years

Lower secondary years are marked by an approach that is more narrowly focused and by the utilization of subject-matter experts for all subjects. This makes sure that students are prepared for the rigorous examination courses, which start with the Cambridge IGCSE in Year 10, as well as for the development of their knowledge and abilities.

The University of Cambridge’s Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level examination programs take up the final two years of education. They are respected all around the world for university entrance and provide pupils the freedom to choose whatever courses they like. So, a student may choose to specialize in the sciences, arts, or languages, or they could take a wide variety of courses from many academic fields.

CIS is able to serve students with a variety of goals, such as an emphasis on improving English language abilities while acquiring a school leaving diploma, in addition to these high-level test courses. We are aware that not everyone is a good fit for academic courses, therefore we are flexible in our offerings and cater to each student’s unique learning requirements.

Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a two-year program that culminates in University of Cambridge tests that are set, graded, and certified externally. It is a distinctive program offered to thousands of schools around the world with support from the UK government.

In Years 10 and 11, our students have access to a curriculum that comprises around 9 IGCSE exam courses. The fundamentals of English Language, Mathematics, and Science are among them (either as a double award subject or a combination of single subjects from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). Geography, History, German, ICT (information and communication technology), English Literature, Additional Mathematics, and potentially a self-study first language could be chosen as three or four additional subjects.

Curriculum for Cambridge AS and A Level

The “gold standard” of Cambridge credentials is the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level or A Level. Universities throughout the world, including those in the European Union, recognize it as an entry requirement. After 13 years of study, students often take the Level exams, which are based on roughly 360 hours of guided learning for each topic, typically spread out over two years. Since A Levels are highly specialized, students typically take three subjects, however, exceptional students occasionally take four or five.


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