Can I get Invisalign on the NHS?

There are many braces available, but Invisalign Treatment in London stands out from all the other braces due to its unique features. It owes this to its convenience and discreetness, and it is the most demanded brace in our clinic.

Though most of these braces produce the same result, the process is different. Yes, they will successfully correct the teeth, but Invisalign is like the most discreet way one can find. They align your teeth with a high level of privacy. Also, since it is removable, you can enjoy your meals and keep up with the top dental hygiene. However, they are a very expensive option compared to the cheaper ones like traditional metal braces. This makes people seek how they can make their payments easier, and that sounds like what the NHS is created to do.

The NHS seems to be the hope of many people for better health, but how much of their services can you enjoy in orthodontics?

We are one of the best Invisalign providers in the UK. We have educated many people about the benefits of Invisalign and how you can get them. Of all the questions we receive, one thing links almost every patient. It is the desire to find out if you can get Invisalign on NHS. This is what we seek to answer in this article.

Since we have been providing these braces for years now, you can trust the advice and recommendations we will give here. We are available to offer you as much information as you need. Talk with our orthodontist, and he will be of great help. Find out more about our Invisalign services payment plans and other dental Healthcare here.

NHS funding for braces

It is the work of the NHS to subsidize payment for dental care of the Citizens of the UK, and they are doing just that. However, Right now, it is difficult to understand the NHS system of funding for dentistry. In our clinic as a private provider, we can say that the NHS covers none of our braces.

Yes, NHS provides some covering for dentistry, Orthodontic care in particular but like you know NHS is more concerned about dental health than the appearance of your teeth.  Also, you may not meet with the requirements for NHS, and the provision is mostly for people under the age of 18. The eligibility for this provision is determined by an orthodontist using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN).

The IOTN has a grading system of 1 to 5. These scores are affected by certain factors relating to your health. To know your grade, you will be examined by an eligible orthodontist. If your score is between 4 and 5, then you are eligible for the NHS provision. If you score 3, your orthodontist will examine your smile and know how much you need the care. However, if your grade is between 1 and 2, you are not eligible for the NHS.

NHS provision for Invisalign

NHS does not provide funding for Orthodontic care of adults, although the case may be different if you have a very severe case. If at all the NHS wants to provide for orthodontic care for adults braces like they do for the children, they will not provide for Invisalign treatment and lingual braces. Their funding is available for only cheaper options like the traditional fixed braces. This is because almost the same result can be achieved when you use Invisalign and traditional fixed braces. So, why would the NHS pay more when there is an alternative to achieve the goal with a lesser cost?

Since we both know that though the traditional metal braces may be suitable for everyone, they may not look good on patients in the high class. If you are a patient in this category, you may be required to find another means to provide for the kind of treatment you desire.

How to pay for your private orthodontic treatment

We both know that private orthodontic treatment is not cheap. However, we have provided many options to make it easier for our patients to access our treatments. So, we have provided discounted rates, and great payment plans to help you out. Aside from our payment plans, our patients can access other available options like insurance for dental health care. Good insurance can cover your payments to some extent.

You can have an advantage if your spouse or significant other has a better insurance plan. Using their plan can also help you cover for the outstanding payment. If you work for an employer that offers dental insurance, You can be assured of having some of your bills fitted by them.

We have a different payment plan, and we are sure that there is one to suit you. You will know more once you contact our expert orthodontist. You can book an appointment with London braces now by calling 020 37457520.


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