Can You Convert 12v Power Wheels To 24v?

Kids grow up in the blink of an eye, and so do their needs for toys. Power wheels are one of many toys that your kid enjoys.

As you know, power wheels are battery-powered rides. So naturally, the speed of the power wheels is determined by the battery’s voltage.

When your kids are younger 12 voltage power wheels are enough, however, when they grow up naturally they’ll need more power for their power wheels.

Although changing a power wheel is an option, why bother when you can convert a 12v to 24v power wheel. Just by changing the 12 voltage battery to 24 voltage battery.

If you don’t know how to do it by yourself, look no further, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to converting 12v power wheels to 24v. All you have to do is carefully follow every given instruction.

Can You Upgrade The Power Wheel Battery Voltage?

The power wheel’s speed and performance are determined by its battery voltage capacity. So, if you upgrade the voltage it’ll automatically upgrade the power wheel’s performance. But can you do it?

Well, of course, you can with a little bit of know-how. However, before upgrading the battery voltage for your power wheel, must determine its battery housing.

Most power wheels are built with two housings for the battery. It was meant for placing the battery in a more flexible position. But you can easily use that space to store an extra battery for more power to the power wheel

If the power wheel previously had a 12v battery inside, adding another 12v battery should do the trick. Thus you’ll conclude the voltage upgrade for the power wheel battery.

Considerable Factors Before Battery Voltage Conversion

We understand you wish to convert your kid’s power wheel’s battery voltage. How you should know the consequences as well.

From our studies about 12v vs 24v power wheels, we’ve learned that converting the power wheel’s battery voltage from 12 to 24 makes significant changes.

So, there are a few things you must consider before converting the battery voltage from 12v to 24v of the power wheel, which we’ve listed down below.

Increased Performance

As mentioned earlier, voltage conversion from 12 to 24 will increase the power wheel speed and performance.

We are assuming that was your intention in the first place. Your kid might or might for that increased speed. So you must make sure your kids are ready for the increased power.

Motor Capacity

As you know every power wheel has a motor that helps it function properly. Each motor has a certain amount of capacity.

You must consider the motor capacity while converting the battery voltage. Otherwise, a certain increase in voltage might cause motor failure and cause an accident. So do consider the motor capacity before conversion.

Battery Quality

It goes without saying that you need a good quality battery, which is durable. It helps if you get a battery with the same capacity as the existing power wheel battery.

For example, if the power wheel already has a 12v battery installed, adding another 12v battery should be enough for the conversion of voltage capacity.

You don’t need to install a 24v battery. Not only it’ll be a waste of the existing battery but it might not be compatible with the power wheel’s motor.

Not only that 24v batteries are bigger in shape as well, which won’t fit in the power wheel’s battery housing.

How To Convert 12v Power Wheels To 24v?

Before more on forward with the conversion of the 12v power wheel to 24v, we like to mention a few things that you’ll need for this particular procedure, such as:

  • Two 12v/12amp batteries.
  • 30 amp Fuze protector
  • 16 gauge AWG wires
  • 2 Terminal connector
  • Terminal crimps (Female)
  • Wire cutter
  • Screwdriver
  • Battery charger.

Before you install the new batteries for the power wheel’s voltage conversion, you must remove the existing battery connector plug that’s connected to its motor.

To do that, you need to open the cover of the power wheel’s existing battery with a screwdriver. There you’ll see the connector, cut the wiring, and remove the connector.

Also, you should make sure both of the batteries are full charged, if it’s not fully charged, plug them in the charger while you work on the writing.

Now that’s out of the way, we can move forward with our guide to convert the 12v power wheel to 24v. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Step-1 Preparation

Prepare the wiring by connecting the terminal crimps(female) with both ends of the connectors. Then make sure you use the fuze protector to avoid any accident.

Step-2 Connect

Then align the batteries by facing each other, after that take the terminal connector and plug one end into one battery’s negative(-) port and the other battery’s positive(+) port. Then do the same with the second terminal connector.

Step-3 Connect The Batteries To The Power Wheel

Now that you have established a connection to both the writings and both batteries. It’s time to connect them to the power wheel.

To do that place both the batteries into the power wheel’s battery housing carefully. Then connect the motor connector to the batteries and there you have it your 24v power wheel is ready to ride.

Note– if you wish to revert back to a 12v power wheel for some reason, you can do it by simply removing the terminal connector from one of the batteries.

Just so you know, 12v power wheel motors aren’t designed for 24v so make sure you attach the fuse protector to avoid any blow-up accidents from motor overheating.

Wrap Up

As your kids grow older they need something new and exciting. A boring old power wheel with a 12v battery isn’t enough.

Converting the 12v power wheel to 24v is a good way to keep your kids happy. Because in doing so you double the speed of the power wheel which is quite exciting for your kids.

Before you go ahead and convert the power wheel to a new voltage battery make sure you consider the above-mentioned factors and follow our given guide to finish converting the power wheel’s battery voltage.


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