Chainsaw Vs Hedge Trimmer: Choose What’s Right for You


Hedge Trimmer vs Chainsaw: Compare and Decide!

Many people assume that a chainsaw and a hedge trimmer are the same. Well, we don’t blame them because, at a glance, they do look similar. But in reality, both the tools are different.

Even though they are used for cutting things, they are different and function differently. Before you set out to buy any of these tools, you must know the difference between the two. Well, this is exactly what we are here for.

Choosing the right tool is crucial because they are used in different scenarios. Have you ever thought about why were chainsaws invented? You will be surprised to know that chainsaws were originally invented to help with childbirth. It was in no way meant to be cut wood back in the 1780s.

If you are having trouble choosing between a hedge trimmer and a chainsaw, no worries, we have got your back. In this post, we will discuss the major differences between the two. Based on that you can decide which one you need.

How do chainsaws work?

A chainsaw has teeth that move around a bar quickly. The firmness and the speed of the teeth are what enable it to cut through things. You can use a chainsaw to cut a piece of wood, tree, or branch.

How do hedge trimmers work?

Hedge trimmers feature a different design from that of a chainsaw. They may do the same job, but they are still different.

A hedge trimmer has blades or teeth that sit along the bar and it quickly oscillates backward and forwards to tear through things when it comes in contact with it. The good thing about hedge trimmers is that they are lightweight and easier to use. This type of tool is primarily made for delicate chopping. 

Chainsaw vs Hedge Trimmer

Now that you know how both the tools work, it’s time to discuss the differences between the two. Before we begin, you should know that both the tools are used for garden needs. They are used in different situations to get different outcomes. 

A hedge trimmer is more delicate and lightweight. This is why they are easier to use than a chainsaw. On the other hand, a chainsaw is a more powerful and heavy-duty tool.

  • Power

Some chainsaws are powered by fuel, which provides plenty of power to cut through things. You can use a chainsaw to cut through pretty much anything in your garden.

Unlike chainsaws, a hedge trimmer is not focused on power. It is more about accuracy. Hedge trimmers are often electric, which means they will have a power cord running to the trimmer, while you are using it. Some of them can be charged as well.

  • Cutting 

As far as cutting is concerned, a hedge trimmer will move back and forth to create the cutting motion. On the other hand, a chainsaw will go all the way around the bar. This results in more power and speed.

Some chainsaws are capable of cutting through big tree trunks. If you need a tool to maintain your yard, then a chainsaw will be the best choice for you. But if you want a tool to shape your bushes properly, then you should go for a hedge trimmer machine.

Final Words

Both chainsaws and hedge trimmers are useful gardening tools. But the thing is that they are used for different things. Like a chainsaw is used for cutting things that need more speed and power, whereas a hedge trimmer is needed for delicate chopping. Now that you know the difference, it should be easier for you to pick.

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