ChiroTouch Software Demo, Features, and Reviews


EMR software works magic for medical practices. It allows them to manage all clinical procedures in a reduced time. Whether it’s scheduling appointments, processing bills, or creating performance reports. EMR solutions make it possible to manage all tasks automatically. But the thing here is, which software should you opt for? So, in case you are looking for an affordable but all-rounder solution, ChiroTouch Software is your ultimate resort.


Through this SoftwareFinder post, we will highlight the key aspects of this software. We are going to discuss its essential features, demo, and reviews. We are doing this to make the EMR selection process a tad bit easier for you. From the pool of EMR vendors, we want you to have the most beneficial one for you. So, read this fine piece till the end to see if Chiro Touch aligns with your clinical needs.

ChiroTouch EMR Software

ChiroTouch Software is a single-click chiropractic EMR solution. All its features are readily available to physicians. They can access the features by making a few clicks instead of going through a time-taking process. This EMR solution simplifies administrative and financial tasks by automating the patient database. It is highly customizable and thus caters to a range of medical specialties. Practices can mold almost all its features to their will for streamlining the workflow.


On a scale of 10, it rates 9 in terms of convenience and ease of use. It is easy to get the hang of its intuitive services. The fundamental goal of this vendor is to put forth an effortless EMR solution that chiropractors can operate without hiring IT experts. This way, the software makes up for its price tag by increasing clinical revenue. Also, it is readily accessible nationwide, and thus practitioners can handle urgent cases and tasks anywhere, anytime.

ChiroTouch Software Features

The features of ChiroTouch Software cover all significant clinical aspects. The software includes a range of services that include services like appointment scheduling to telehealth. It’s not possible to discuss it all here, so we have laid down the primary ones.

Centralized Dashboard

Practitioners can manage all their tasks in one go with ChiroTouch EMR software. This robust platform provides a centralized dashboard. It means that it organizes and compiles all clinical functions at a single location. This makes it feasible for clinical staff to focus more on activities that need immediate attention.


The layout and user interface of this dashboard are quite impressive. It simplifies the navigation process by reducing the number of clicks required to access files. Whether physicians want to check their calendar, schedule appointments, or need any other feature. Every feature is readily available on the dashboard.

Patient Portal

The patient portal of ChiroTouch Software gives clients control over their medical treatment. It is a way for patients to access their medical records. Clients can view their clinical summaries, examine the test findings, and obtain details about their medications using the portal. This engages patients in the care process.


Clients can also use the portal to schedule and reschedule appointments. Also, they can get their hands on the education material and many more. Asking for prescription refills and updating the insurance information is also possible through this patient portal. Overall, this portal serves as a way to strengthen client-physician relations.


This feature of Chiro Touch software works in the best interest of ChiroPractors. It makes things easier for them and enables them to deliver optimal care. As this software offers various third-party integrations, it allows data sharing between care facilities. The data is shared via a secured network.


It helps physicians get better insight into how a problem should be treated. The suggestions by other care professionals help drive potential outcomes. This also paves a room for delivering first-rate care. As a result, clinical practices become able to perform better diagnoses leading to effective treatment procedures.

Claims Management

Claims management is an integral feature of the practice management module of Chiro Touch software. This service optimizes the financial aspect of clinical practices in a sheer way. Managing claims is the most in-demand task in the healthcare field. And this vendor handles this task with elegance.


First, it fills in the claims. Then it processes the claims and scrubs all error-induced claims. During claims processing, the vendor also performs verification checks. And at last, it goes for claims submission. This simplistic process reduces the probability of claim rejection and improves profitability.

ChiroTouch Software Demo

ChiroTouch software offers a short demo for its users for free. Even though it’s free of cost, it reveals many salient aspects regarding the software. ChiroTouch software demo serves as a reliable source for healthcare providers to get a detailed outlook of this system. It shows many salient facts about the vendor by highlighting its key features. Physicians can get to know its learning curve too.


This few-minute demo is an opportunity to compare the software’s features with a real-world environment. Practitioners can test it for different clinical situations. It helps decide if the software is capable of handling challenging tasks. This makes it easier to determine whether this EMR is a perfect fit for their medical practices. So, this is the first thing providers should do to learn more about ChiroTouch EMR software.

ChiroTouch Software Price

ChiroTouch software price range starts from $259 per provider per month. In addition, it charges a one-time fee for software setup, free data conversion, and unlimited training resources. So, physicians can shift from their existing solutions without worrying about potential data loss.


ChiroTouch Software Reviews

Observing the reviews is of great help to understand EMR solutions better. Even the ChiroTouch software reviews are enough to comprehend what it offers. This chiropractic-specific solution helps boost clinical performance by featuring chiropractic-specific workflow. Users having real-time experience with the vendor lauds it for how it shapes patient experience. It is highly versatile and flexible, which makes it easy to use.

Final Words

ChiroTouch EMR software is beneficial for all Chiropractors in the long run. It automates administrative tasks, ensures data confidentiality, performs accurate diagnostics, and enhances clinical efficiency. This well-crafted EMR solution fits well in chiropractic offices for its operation. For a better idea, read its reviews and schedule a demo. This will help you with the purchasing decision.


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