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Cocmelon: A YouTube Channel for Kid’s Entertainment

Introduction to Cocmelon

While entertainment channels are prevalent all over YouTube, only a few of them cater to the kids. This Youtube channel was started as MEonTV but in the summer of 2018, it changed its name to Cocmelon. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Cocmelon is one such YouTube channel that provides quality entertainment for children in the form of nursery rhymes.

The songs and animated videos have catchy tunes and rhythms that engage children and provide them with useful auditory as well as visual stimulation. The videos usually consist of babies and personified animals with disproportionately big eyes and faces. The bright visuals, constant movements, and repetitive sounds draw the children to Cocmelon’s videos.

Popularity of Cocmelon

Unlike other shows on the TV, Cocmelon videos are completely dedicated to kids’ entertainment and are informative as well. Thus, they offer the perfect opportunity for parents to keep their kids engaged while getting some work done. Cocmelon has been popular as a kid’s show on any platform they were shown in. Since it started posting videos on YouTube back in 2006, they have become one of the most viewed and subscribed channels on the streaming platform.

Their popularity increased rapidly after they released the ‘Yes Yes’ bedtime song. This song is currently the most viewed video on their channel with over 4 billion views and still holds the title of being the most-viewed video on their channel. In 2018, Cocmelon’s Bath Song video was the most recommended video by YouTube according to the research and tracking of Pew Research center. In December 2020, the Cocmelon channel became one of the three YouTube channels to gain 100 million subscribers.

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Presently, they have over 122 million followers. The channel has acquired 114 billion views on all its 700+ videos on YouTube.

You can also find Cocmelon on Netflix, a popular subscription-based streaming platform. There too, the show is one of the most popular ones in the kid’s section and has been ranked in the top 10 TV shows worldwide. In 2020, the show broke the record for being one of the top 10 most-watched shows for 62 days. Its 62-day long streak surpassed that of widely-acclaimed shows such as Ozark and Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Cocmelon was formerly known as ‘checkgate’, then ‘ThatsMEonTV’, and finally ABCkidTV. Their name was ABCkidTV from 2013 till 2018. During this era, the channel introduced a new intro and logo. The channel mostly remastered their older videos under this name and started transitioning more into nursery rhymes rather than just alphabet videos. The duration of the videos also started getting longer and newer characters were introduced in the animated videos. Their first 3D character was introduced in 2016 on their Twinkle Twinkle Little Star video. Since then, their videos started including more 3D characters and modern techniques of animation.

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History of Cocmelon

The channel first started as a hobby for a couple residing in Orange County, California around sixteen years ago. The couple, Jay Jeon and his wife started animating videos for the entertainment of their son. With Jay’s knowledge of filmmaking and his wife’s experience as a children’s book illustrator, the couple ventured into the world of kid’s entertainment and built a whole empire in just a few years.

Jay’s wife, even with her being involved in a multi-million-dollar business, chooses to stay anonymous. According to them, they want their content to speak for itself. Their foremost important thing for the couple is to create videos and entertain children by showing them new things and making them more curious to learn about them. “It’s not about us, it is about serving them,” says the couple.

The couple decided to change the channel’s name from ABCkidTV to Cocomelon to make it appear more fun and friendly to children. Once they started noticing how popular they were getting, they began creating characters that have a more universal appeal rather than just the US. Since its foundation, Cocmelon has grown in terms of the types of videos they release. Instead of just the same old ABC songs and nursery rhymes, the channel has started putting out content with relevant topics. Children learn best when the information is presented to them in a fun, interesting, and entertaining way, Cocmelon does just that!

For instance, after the onset of the 2020 Covid pandemic, it was important for everyone to maintain their hygiene and wash their hands frequently. Cocmelon cleverly created videos showcasing the importance of washing hands and keeping them free of germs to the kids. The videos consisted of bright, alluring visuals with fun sounds to hold the children’s attention all the while showing them how to properly wash their hands and keep themselves safe.

Cocmelon has released numerous videos on such relatable topics that have strong morals in the end. Thus, the parents can finally be rest assured that their children are not getting just mindless entertainment from the videos. They can learn important values, morals, and knowledge without getting bored or lectured.

Cocmelon Merchandise

With such exponential growth in popularity, it was evident that Cocmelon would find ways to cash in on it. Apart from the millions in revenue via advertisements, Cocmelon introduced their merchandise and toys. Cocmelon plushies were the most-searched-for toy on Google during the holiday season of 2020.

From water bottles, tiffin boxes, plush toys to stickers and children’s books, Cocmelon has almost everything in their collection of merchandise. The multi-sensory experience that the videos from this channel provide has made millions of kids (and parents) its fans. Merchandise from this channel makes the perfect gifts for children who are obsessed with it.

Cocmelon is one of the most ideal entertainment channels for preschoolers. Its videos are great to watch as they provide just the right amount of visual stimulation without overwhelming the children. Watching its videos and singing along with it is a great way to bond with your children. If you want your kids to be engaged for longer periods, hop on to Netflix and start the Cocmelon show. It has four seasons and enough episodes to keep your children entertained.


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