All you must know about common causes of fever in children 

Fever in Children: Having a child certainly means getting into a new and completely different life with never experienced moments that feels overwhelming. With all these pleasures, caring and nurturing the child is also a new addition in one’s life which requires knowing proper food planning and collecting proper parenting tips from doctors.

Fever in children

Children have less immunity than the adults which is why they also get easily prone to certain kinds of fever as well as allergies. There can be several reasons for causing fever symptoms and most of them require a doctor consult too.

The most common symptom that points out a fever is the abnormal rise in temperature of the whole body. Soon after detecting this symptom, most people could come to a corner of decision as fever.

Using thermometer is the most common way to detect the rise of temperature, but there are several kinds of fever which have adverse results other than just rising of temperature. Causes of such fevers are quite hard to know for a normal household but there are some common fevers which often occur to children and can be known from some symptoms. These causes should be known to every parent to take necessary care of their children.

Common causes of fever

Fevers are mostly caused by infections and there are many types of viruses which can cause it. Besides, there are hundreds of germs that can lead to a wide range of fevers out of which only a few are listed and taken as a common occurrence to children. However, certain factors are also considered to conclude the type of fever such as environment, temperature, and blood tests as well.

There are different kinds of infections which may cause fever in which the most common listed infections are

  • Viral infections: – Viruses are known to causes 10 times more infections than bacteria and in these infections abnormal rise of temperature or fever is just the first stage which lasts 24 hours. Later running nose, cough, loose stools, etc also get started which makes things even worse. One of the extreme level examples of such fever is Rosella which also involves rashes which comes into appearance after 2 or 3 days.
  • Bacterial infections: – Although there are a few known kinds of fevers which are caused by bacteria some common infection caused by bacteria is bladder infection and strep throat which is a common cause of fever in girls and infant.
  • Sinus infections: – Cold is also the most common cause of fever in which fever returns after a few days of other symptoms come into appearance. The congestion in sinus also may change into sinus infection after a few days. Most people come to a conclusion by considering the color of nasal discharge which is not helpful in all cases.

Some causes of fevers which are common in children

  • Vaccine fever: – There are different kinds of vaccines which should be taken by infants. These are also considered essential for the health to increase resistance for some common diseases or infections having more chances to be seen in infants. However, vaccines can also cause a slight rise in body temperature soon within 12 hours of intake and lasts for 2 to 3 days after vaccination. This is not the actual fever even if the temperature of the body can match to some viral fever. Rise of temperature after vaccination normally means that the vaccine is working well on the infants’ body.
  • Newborn fever: – Some newborn child also suffers from fever during the first 3 months which is considered serious. These babies are needed to be seen and examined by a doctor as soon as possible as there may be various reasons different than the normal fever. Bloodstream infection can also cause this fever and bacterial infections are more prone to such baby which requires faster treatment.
  • Meningitis: – This is a serious fever in newborn babies which is caused by bacterial infections. The infection is caused to the membrane which covers the spinal cord and brain which shows some symptoms like headache and stiff neck. Pointing those kinds of symptoms in infants is quite difficult and if not undergone the proper required treatment, it may also lead to brain damage. This is why most parents are advised to consult a child’s doctor as soon as they come across any kind of raise in temperature or any adverse conditions.
  • Overheated: – Overheating of temperature is often taken seriously by parents but these are usually low-grade fever which could be cleared by medicine. There are several reasons for this from which over dressing and exposure to sun rays is the most common reason. Moving to a cooler place can reduce the temperature automatically within a few hours. In some cases, hyper activities may also cause overheating of the body which is often mistaken by fever. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking extra fluids can balance the body temperatures to a great extent.

From many studies, it is proved that infants don’t cry much if they are suffering from fever. It may be due to some other pain. Ear infections, kidney infections, and sore throats can be some reasons for causing pain. Other than this, many kids get fever often from time to time and cause no harm.

In fact, as per the doctor fever is a sign that the body is fighting against diseases and is starting being immune to several infections. Using medicines soon after detecting the abnormal rise of temperature can be dangerous for infants. As they are prone to some bacterial infections which may get worsened by intake of such medicines.

Consulting a pediatrician is always a better idea when any kind of adverse condition is faced by a child as deciding the root cause of the inconvenience is not possible from an infant. Follow proper health care tips for infants followed by parenting tips to follow the appropriate diet planning for your child. Consider every parenting advice from doctors or nutritionist to make sure of a healthy and active future of your child.


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