Designer Cakes: A New Trend in The Current Baking Industry

Cakes and pastries had always been popular. It is so because most people have a thing for sweet treats. The craft lies with those who know how to make it. In the modern world today, every house has an oven. Plus, all the ingredients are easily available. So, anyone can be a baker. However, having an interest is a must. I learned baking out of my love for patisserie and the crafty Custom Cake Boxes.

As a child, I wanted to become a painter. So, after school, I would always take my painting equipment and practice. Being an introvert, was an excellent hobby. Like other kids, I also loved cakes. But I also appreciated the design and beauty of the piping artist. The neatness of fresh cream on a soft sponge was equally delightful to me as the taste.

My Dream

So, I started with basic cookies and decorated them. Gradually, I started making cakes. I would always decorate them with the most colorful icings. So, I learned to create paintings on my cake. I would take inspiration from magazines and pictures. Fondant introduction was the best thing for my cakes. When I saw designer cakes in pictures, I wanted to make them. So, I took a couple of classes to learn fondant art. There was no looking back from this point. My cakes became a party favorite and I still run a home-based bakery for my neighborhood.

Designer Cakes

Designer cakes are mainly made of sponges but decorated beautifully to give them a unique look. They come in different varieties of icing and flavor. Cakes and bakeries had been around for a very long while. However, designer cakes came up as a result of artistic innovators. Baking is an old craft. But modern décor is completely different from the older one. Designer cakes allow you to choose a theme, pictures, objects, and even effects to be a part of your celebrations. For example, if you have seen an anti-gravity cake it is a designer masterpiece. Alongside cakes, the designer series now goes onto biscuits and cupcakes as well. So, mini art pieces are also available easily for customers.

Types of Designer Cakes

The type of designer cake depends on the icing. Moreover, the kind of design the cake has also decided its type. The designs vary from painted, to multi-tiered, to picture cakes. Also, the theme of the cake is a critical part of a designer’s product. Some of the common icing types are mentioned below:

Fondant Icing:

It is one of the most common types of designer cake icing. It is made of sugar and starch and works as an actual canvas for work. There are many specialized tools to use and mold fondant in desired shapes. Moreover, they are a great space to make paintings, create themes, and even design objects. Fondant cakes are excellent for a themed party or even a corporate event. The best part is that it is mess-free. So, serving it is very easy.

Buttercream Icing:

It is one of the classic frostings. The taste and components are adjustable. So, you can tell the baker your preference and they will work it accordingly. However, they do not have many design options with molding. Buttercream is all about the piping artist. So, an expert will know how to work up complicated designs by using the basic to pro piping tips. They are most common with cupcakes and donut boxes.

Meringue Icing:

Meringue is a complicated and tricky frosting type. Preparing it means you need to be an expert. The right ratio of the products is crucial to success. The main reason is that it is made from raw egg whites. So, proper flavoring and torching are vital to success. It is common in custom cake boxes and donut boxes.

Cream Cheese Frosting:

One of the richest and most favorite frosting. It works superbly with many fruity flavors, making it workable for a classic red-velvet cake or a cheesecake. Moreover, it works great with cookies and cupcakes. However, a cream cheese frosting can become a designer. In its simplicity, there is room for a splash of colors. Fresh fruits also go well with it.

Whipped Cream Icing:

It is a classic cake topping made of light, airy and fresh cream. Like cream cheese, it is also good with fruits. However, it works superbly when used with sponge cakes.

How to Protect Designer Cakes?

Designer cakes are a delicate creation. It is essential to pack them according to their fragility. So, having proper custom cake boxes is a must. When I started working, I would always source my donut boxes and bakery boxes through OBT Packaging. They deliver in time and make very strong boxes. So, the safety of the cake is guaranteed.

Along with good quality bakery boxes, it is also possible to deliver with reliable service. Most customers prefer that the bakery must deliver the fragile product. So, hiring a good delivery service which could assure safety is necessary. You can also deliver the product yourself.

Designer Cakes Business

Setting up a designer cake business is an impeccable idea. However, you must take care of the following:

  • Must know about baking. Whenever you enter a business, you should be aware of how things run. Even if you hire professionals to take over the hard work. You must be aware of how to work things up. It gives you an upper hand and keeps you updated with the business scenario.
  • Complete market research: It is critical to your success as a business. You cannot set up a business without the knowledge of what people want. Keeping that in mind, you can get raw materials, and design infrastructure.
  • Learn about competitors: it is vital to know who you are up against. Planning your business model accordingly will help you stay one step ahead in the business.
  • The right team: hiring the best professionals is also important. If you set up a designer cakes bakery, you must have creative people with a fine hand at decorating. Just making designs on paper isn’t enough. The employee must know how to handle the equipment.

Why Set a Designer Cake Business?

Following are some arguments in favor of a designer cake business:

  • It is a trending job, highly dependent on innovation and creativity. People always want something new, designer cakes offer that.
  • It is profitable if you know how to manage costs. Real talent is always paid well. So, proper budgeting and pricing can give excellent returns.
  • It is possible to start small. You do not need large investments to start it. If you have a passion for baking then it will work for you with basic equipment. Start small from your kitchen and you can take it big if it works.
  • It is easy to acquire the best custom cake boxes. So, all you need to worry about is baking. Simply outsource the bakery boxes and use them when you need them.


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