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Designing Custom T-shirts

Here are some things to think about when designing artwork for t shirt printing Singapore, or to talk over with the designer who is handling the work.

What message are you trying to send?

Are you just trying to create a shirt that identifies people in the same group or are you creating something to promote a business, event, organisation or product? A logo is enough for the first, but with the second you might need the event date, a location, website or phone number for the business, maybe you need a number for the team or troop.

Is there a design theme to follow?

If there is a theme to the event, or you sell a certain product or service with a theme, then you might want that theme reflected in the design of the shirts for tshirt printing Singapore. Are you a more conservative business or can you be more contemporary, what grpaic do you want to use that is suitable, draws attention and looks good. It needs to be something in the right format and for a business tshirt it needs to be high-quality.

Where do you want the printed design on the t-shirt?

There are a few common places things get positioned when t shirt printing Singapore. The left chest, full front and full back for example. But you do not have to stick with that unless you are a more conservative event or business. You can experiment with locations and try having something down the left or right side, maybe some small print between the shoulders or on the sleeves, have something on the lower back or even go for an all-over creation. The purpose of the shirt and your printer’s experience can help decide on what will be best for your needs.

Is your design professional-looking enough?

If you are printing a shirt for a family reunion, or for a stag or hen night out, the image and anything else you put on it does not have to be high-quality. But for an organisation or business, having a professional-looking design is crucial. This is a reflection of you and your brand. Keep in mind that something designed on screen might not look exactly the same on the shirt. Here are some things to keep in mind to get the best results;

  • Use black clean lines to draw the artwork with if you are hand drawing for tshirt printing Singapore. Try to use a guide to keep straight lines straight.
  • Avoid shading in coloured areas on the only copy. If you are drawing it by hand, give them one with just black outlines and then another shaded in or with the colours written into each section. With screen printing, fewer colours is better.

Not all printers will take a hand drawn design. They need it in a certain format. If they do take it the process it needs to go through to get it printable may change it slightly so ask to see it just in case.









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