Differences Between Originally Produced Hormones and Steroids

The use of steroids is very common nowadays. It’s the increasing trend of bodybuilding that has led to the growing use of steroids. Many athletes and bodybuilders now look for the best shop to buy steroids online.

For the uninitiated, steroids are man-made biologically active compounds. You can call them hormones prepared in the laboratory or a factory. Steroids’ function is much like hormones in our body. 

There is a common belief among most of the people of planet Earth, that steroids and hormones are similar to each other. But this concept is not correct as there are a lot of differences between them. You can estimate the percentage of the differences between them as the difference between a natural and artificial thing. 

You should clearly know about the differences before using steroids, as many steroid companies’’ advertisements claim that their steroids are just like the actual hormones of the body. They do so to show that their steroids have no side effects. 

In order to clarify the differences between them, complete detail of the differences has been given below.

The Difference in Physical and  Structure

The first difference is that of physical and chemical structure between them. Almost every steroid has a four-ringed structure. Three rings are composed of 6 carbons and the last one has five carbons. A long carbon chain is attached to the end of the fourth and final ring. The length and composition of this chain determines different steroids. 

On the other hand, hormones have no specific structures like steroids. Some amine hormones might be composed of a single carbon ring and some peptide hormones consist of only chains of amino acids. Testosterone hormone released by the testicles is composed of a four-ringed structure.

Difference of Origin

The huge difference between them is their origin. All the steroids are man-made hormones. They can be prepared in the laboratory using advanced techniques and pieces of equipment. They are synthesized hormones. They are simple lipid molecules with some special arrangements, just like soap or sphingolipids. 

On the other hand hormones’ origin in nature. They are naturally produced by the different organs of the body. Different organs are specialized for producing different types of hormones. Glands are the specialized organs for this purpose. For example, thyroid glands present in our throat releases THE hormones along with iodine. Similarly, adrenal glands are present on the kidneys and release cortisol hormone. Testosterone is the body’s prime hormone produced in testicles. It is specialized for the development of male characteristics. 

Difference of Functions

As their origin and composition are different, their functions are also widely different from each other. Steroids are basically produced to cure various diseases. They are legally sold only by a doctor’s prescription. But they are widely used and illegally bought by many athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness gainers in the world. They use them to raise their hormone levels to get a big muscular body.

Contrary to steroids, hormones are produced within the body by natural processes. Their function is to support many body activities. They are naturally released to perform several activities and bring regulatory changes.

Difference of their Concentrations in the Body 

Steroids concentration can be increased in the body if you continue to take them in bulk amounts. This will raise the level of hormones in the body and can cause serious effects on the body. It might cause mental and physical disorders. 

Hormones concentration remains average in normal people. Their concentration is automatically controlled by a feedback mechanism. The hormones are also self inhibiting. They can support the release of such hormones that can inhibit their own releasing, causing them to control.

Above are some main differences between steroids and hormones. However, remember that steroids have some side effects as well. So, do your due diligence and know about them in detail. Furthermore, also know what are anabolic steroids made of and understand the functions of each component. 

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