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Do Newborn Babies Communicate? – Different kinds of signs they use

Being the parents of a newborn baby, everyone tries their best to nurture their baby with good health and always thinks about their well-being. However, communicating with the baby in this stage is quite difficult until you get habituated to their signs. Babies try to give multiple signs with different sounds and gestures showing their different emotions such as hunger, pain, sleep, discomfort, etc. Instead of roughly assuming their requirements, there are some helpful methods as a part of essential parenting tips to guess their needs as researched by Parenting Coaches.

Reason for the various cry of babies

The first and foremost type of reflexes that are common in every baby is crying. There are different types of cry and all of them may have different reasons too. However, as per the experienced child specialists in Australia, these are the common reasons for cry observed in children below 5 months.

While being alone: –

When the babies are alone for a long time and want their parents to pick them up, they give a calling cry continuously for 5 to 6 seconds and then stops for 20 seconds looking out for their parents. This cycle becomes continuous for a longer time if the parent doesn’t respond.

Calling cry: –

Most parents try to feed their baby after listening to any type of cry often but there is a specific sign resembling hunger cry. This cry often starts with the calling cry and then becomes continuous and loud with smacking sounds from the mouth of the babies.

Cry due to discomfort: –

Children also cry due to some physiological processes such as urination, defecation, and gas, etc which can cause discomfort and leads to lack of sleep. Squeaking and whining also resemble in this case and some necessary cautions such as drinking of water and arrangement of a proper place to sleep can be comfortable to a great extent.

Tiredness or sleepiness: –

The other reason could be sleepiness too when the child wants to sleep but can’t sleep due to some kind of discomfort. This type of cry sounds like whining and babies often yawn with rubbing their eyes and ears as well.

Irritation in diapers: –

Children often feel discomfort when there is a need to change the diapers and cries with fidgeting and often arch and flail too. They may lack comfort due to the feeling of too cold or too hot in their clothes.

Apart from all those common signs, there may be some different problems like mosquito bites, touching of any sharp things on the bed and many other reasons. Besides, following these signs and making guesswork, it is also essential to check the body of the child and their clothes as well as a diaper to confirm the assumption.

Placing the child in a safe place where the temperature is controlled and thermally regulated is the first and foremost thing to do when the child is sleeping. Newborn babies should always be near to the parents as various kinds of rapid changes takes place in this age. Necessary health care tips and parenting tips from a child specialist or physiologist can also help in this situation to a great extent.

Besides crying, some reflexes of the children of almost every nation can also be assumed as the sign of any kind of discomfort or pain as per the research made by an Australian pediatrician. This reflex mainly includes various kinds of sounds too, mainly in 3 to 4 months old babies. Babies start to seek communication with their parents mostly for some physical needs in this age with those sounds.

Reasons for different sounds made by children

  • Hunger: – Babies makes a ‘Neh’ sound while they are feeling extremely hungry. This sound is produced when the baby pushes their tongue to the upper roof of the mouth and due to the reflex of sucking by the child due to hunger. This sound is made continuously while they need food.
  • Sleepy or tired: – “Owh” sound resembles the tiredness or sleepiness of the child while they fold their lips before starting to yawn. Placing the baby on a soft bed in a comfortable environment makes them sleep quickly in this case.
  • Burp: – Babies can also make a sound for burp when excess air leaves the esophagus and comes out from the mouth of the baby. As a part of this reflex, normally “Eh” sound is made by the babies.
  • Feeling uncomfortable: – Children below 5 months often feel irritable and uncomfortable in many places due to several reasons. Some kind of unpleasant sensations also makes the baby move especially when they are sleeping and thus a sound of “heh” comes from their slightly opened mouth.
  • Stomach pain: – The sound “Eairh” is made by babies when they strain their stomach and exhales deeply to get rid of the pain in case of gases and other pains. These pains often lead to moans and continuous screaming too.

With the sounds and cry, babies also make many kinds of reflexes such as gestures to communicate with the parents for some physical needs or pain. Moreover, as per the senior physiologists, the body language of the babies depicts a lot about the well being of them to a great extent.

Reasons for different kinds of body language

  • Response to pain: – Babies generally communicate the pain or colic by arching their back. There are different reasons for this body language. One of them is when the baby is full after eating and don’t want to eat anymore. The other reason is reflux if the baby continuously arches the back. In babies under 2 months, this also resembles tiredness or sleepiness too.
  • Resting movement: – When babies want to calm their mind when surrounded by unknown people they often rotate their head. This is often done by the babies when they are about to get asleep.
  • Exploring the body: – Babies often grabs their ears when they are just exploring the body, but if this continues for a long time with crying often then a doctor consult could be the best solution.
  • Hunger: – One may have noticed many times that the babies are clenching their fists. This might be a sign of hunger too as they stop doing this soon after they are fed.
  • Stomach ache: – Due to gases and tummy pain, babies often lift their legs to get ease from the discomfort of the pain.
  • While getting frightened: – Babies often jerks their arms if they get frightened by something around them. There may be several reasons such as a loud high pitch sound, sudden awakening and sudden jerks by anyone by tactile movements.

Other than all those signs, there may be several more reflexes done by the babies. Listing each and every sign can’t be possible as various kinds of external factors such as temperature, environment, and inconvenience caused to the baby may bring in a new type of reflex. However, if any kind of continuous and awkward signs are observed, taking the necessary parenting advice from the doctor is always a better choice rather than taking own decisions.


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