Does Using Car Wax Actually Benefit Your Car?

Everybody wants to keep their car in great shape, and a big part of that is its exterior appearance. If you’re wondering how to maximize your car’s curb appeal, you might start researching how to wax a car. A quick review of results, though, will reveal that some people say waxing isn’t necessarily good for your car. Does waxing provide any actual benefit, or is it possible that it could actually harm your car? The answer depends on several factors, including the kind of wax you use, how you use it, and how often you wax it.

What is Car Wax?

There are plenty of guides that will tell you how to wax a car, but there are fewer resources available that can explain exactly what car wax is. In order to prevent damage to your car, though, you should establish a clear understanding of what car wax is. As the name suggests, car wax is composed primarily of a waxy substance. Most often, this substance is a hard hydrocarbon or a carnauba wax. The latter of these is harvested from the leaves of Brazilian palm trees, and both of these materials are safe for use in car waxing applications.

There are some instances wherein waxing can damage a car, though, if the wrong type of material is used. If a bottle of car wax is expired or if it’s an old formula that uses dangerous chemicals, it’s possible that it will do more harm than good — and it could even damage your car’s paint job. For the best results, you should clean your car thoroughly, polish it gently, and then apply the wax conservatively. Overapplying wax is yet another common mistake that can compromise the results of your efforts.

How Often Should You Use Car Wax?

Many people wax their car every time they wash it, and those same people may wash their car as frequently as once a week. Is it safe to wax your car on a weekly basis — or should you do it more frequently or less often than that? Waxing your car too often is a common problem that can lead to the premature breakdown of your car’s paint. Experts suggest that it’s best to perform a wax job once every three months. This is standard for most kinds of wax products, but some are specially formulated for more frequent use. In this case, you may be able to apply a new wax coat every few days.

Products like the Nexgen Ceramic Spray offer the opposite effect. Wax products that are formulated from ceramic are uniquely designed to allow for a longer period of time between applications. In addition to lasting longer, these sprays offer superior protection against the elements as well as improved UV resistance. Combine this with its months-long durability, and you’ve got a contender for the top spot in the car wax competition. If you value maintaining your vehicle’s shiny appearance — but you don’t want to waste hours every week waxing it — this is the way to go.


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