DrChrono EHR vs Healthland EHR: Feature-by Feature Comparison!

What are the odds that the EMR solution you will choose will come with a fine feature range? Isn’t it a significant risk to take if you don’t know how effective the services of an EHR system might be? There’s only one way to get out of this tricky situation. After shortlisting the platforms that offer your desired services, look into the reviews of those healthcare solutions. It will help you dig into real-time facts about the vendors with minimal effort.

Today our primary concern is presenting to you how this process works with DrChrono EHR vs Healthland EHR face-off. But there’s something you need to do first to make the most of this post. Take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and evaluate how do you want to manage your practice. This way, you can easily jot down your required functionalities. This may seem like a time-consuming task, but your practice’s future depends on it.

We suppose that now you have your feature list in your hands, so let’s move toward the DrChrono EHR vs Healthland EHR features comparison. The reason for selecting these two solutions is their diverse array of features. There is no chance you will be left in the dust with these two solutions. Now let’s move toward the central area of concern here—the difference in the features and services of Drchrono EHR and that of Healthland EHR.

DrChrono Features:

DrChrono slays the EHR industry with its outstanding features collection. It skillfully designs a competent feature range to outweigh all the negatives medical practices face. DrChrono rules the world for its unrivaled compilation of customizable features. All its services are tailored to fit clients’ preferences. The prime features of DrChrono EHR are divided into four clinical categories, and those are:


Advanced eRx

Custom Medical Forms

Custom Macro Buttons

Drawing ToolsTasks

Insurance Eligibility Checks

Medical Speech-to-Text

Lab Integrations

Patient Custom Vitals

Mobile EHR

Practice Group Capability


Practice Management:

Staff Accounts

Email Reminders

Text Reminders

Phone Reminders

Incoming/Outgoing e-Fax

Patient Check-in

Scheduling Widget

Practice Chat Advanced Patient Portal

Patient Flags

Appointment Profiles


Medical Billing & Reporting

Denial Analysis

Denial Resolution

Billing Services

Coding Review & Audit

Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Collections

Electronic Remittance Advice

Medical Billing:


HCFA 1500

Billing Profiles

Electronic Remittance

AdviceClaims submission to iHCFA

Claim submission to Emdeon

Trizetto Billing Processing

Patient Statements

Let’s take a minute to process this extensive list of features offered by DrChrono EHR. We think there’s no feature left out. The vendor has it all a care provider needs to run a managed and streamlined practice. Lessening the redundant tasks and improving task accuracy, the features of DrChrono EHR boost the efficiency of clinical practice. From its EHR to RCM module, all solutions offer one-in-a-kind services.

Reviews of DrChrono EHR:

The DrChrono EHR reviews are all about perfection; the vendor is supported by high-grade reviews. The reviews of DrChrono EHR are all about its fine-grade features and in-depth capabilities. In the user’s opinion, this platform helps with practice administration to simplify the clinical intricacies. Care providers can give their best to the practitioners with the impeccable services of this remarkable platform.

As per the users, DrChrono EHR features are designed on a customizable approach and come with a user-friendly interface. Clients using this software show that this software values money, and that’s why users recommend this to other providers. Its customer help desk is all about giving its best to the customers. The support service of DrChrono EHR is highly responsive as per the reviews.

Healthland EHR Features:

Healthland EHR lives up to its name by featuring an extensive range of customizable features. Because of its vast plethora of features, Healthland EHR earned an unitarizable reputation in the industry. It offers uncountable services with no flaws or incompetence’s, and that’s how it empowers practitioners to beat their close contenders. So let’s dive into the features of Healthland EHR.



Patient Portal

Lab Integration

Patient Charting

Pharmacy Management

Voice Recognition

Document Management

Practice Management:

Customizable Dashboard

Concise Task Lists

Human Resource Management

Third-party Integration

Secured Communication


Appointment Scheduling

Payroll Generation


Reports Progress Tracking

Claims Scrubbing

Claims Processing

Revenue Cycle Management

Reporting And Analytics

Medical Billing:

E/M Coding

Managed Billing

A/R Management

Invoice Generation

Developed to expedite secured communication between healthcare practices, Healthland EHR features an impressive range of clinical services. In addition, it coordinates care across the healthcare community, reducing the tendency of errors with integrated care modules. All these features of Healthland EHR combined enhance clinical productivity by helping with staff administration and more. Simply put, the vendor helps clients stay focused on their patients.

Reviews of Healthland EHR:

Healthland EHR wins the ground with an above-average rating when it comes to reviews. The reviews of Healthland EHR are all about the way it improves the patient satisfaction rate for practices. From managing account receivables to drug interactions and conducting analysis, it excels at all these services. In addition, reviews of Healthland EHR reveal that it is designed with a user-centric approach.

The best thing about it is that the software appeals to the users because of its user-friendly interface. Also another thing highlighted in the Healthland EHR reviews is that it simplifies the treatment process by automating lab orders. The software is highly flexible and sheerly focuses on the core services so that the providers can work with a relaxed mind. This accessible solution simplifies clinical charting process to foster meaningful interactions.


It’s simple as it is; in the race of survival of the fittest DrChrono scores the ground with its distinctive features. However, in the user’s opinion, DrChrono EHR is a viable option for medium to large-scale practices. This tech-savvy solution seems a bit complex for small practices, for they don’t have much to deal with. And that’s where Healthland EHR steps in. Healthland EHR features are not as effective as the former, but they are capable enough to streamline the clinical operations of small to medium-sized practices.


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