E Counselling – Perks and Disadvantages

E counselling is fast growing into a successful model to help young people, with critical national services such as Lifeline, Kids Helpline, Suicide Call Back Service, and headspace continuing online counselling to their service provision. Find out more about the evidence behind the advantages and the possible disadvantages of online advice.

This study will serve you with:

● Explaining the proof behind online counselling

● Explaining the pros and cons

● Applying a considered method to its use

What are the perks and disadvantages of e counselling?

Already various studies imply that internet counselling, when combined with cognitive behavior therapy, can be helpful for a diversity of clinical issues. Web counselling points to counselling services through the internet and involves, for example, emails, chat rooms, and web cameras. This kind of advice goes by so many names such as cyberspace counselling, e-therapy, e counselling, and communication by phone counselling.

There is increasing debate about the effectiveness of this method of counselling in comparison to traditional advice. As compared to this discussion, this post looks at some of the perks and disadvantages of online counselling.

Perks of E counselling:

1. Accessibility: Those that are physically impaired or incapable of leaving their home can also easily reach such services with little inconvenience. Those that have visual and sound impairments can also profit from such services.

2. Convenience: For those people who are doubtful about therapy or who may be difficult with traditional models of treatment, may discover online counselling more suitable.

3. Affordability: Web counselling has been revealed to be more economical for both the therapist and the client.

4. Social stigma: E counselling may also be useful in eliminating the social stigma linked with receiving therapy.

5. Obscurity: The internet without a doubt offers a degree of Obscurity that is seen by a few customers or clients as non-compromising through passing an ‘imperceptibility’ that can be disinhibiting.

6. Variant ways to communicate: Most contact through the internet is in written form. E counselling, in which the form of communication is often through writing through emails or a chat room, enables both the client and the therapist to pay substantial attention to their conversation and reflect on their thoughts and feelings earlier to it being expressed.


The perks of e counselling cannot be ignored.

One can face issues in keeping their information and identity confidential and secure.

As we all know, everything has two sides. One is good, and the other is wrong. The same thing happens with e counselling. As we discussed above the advantages of e counselling and there are some disadvantages of e counseling like communication problems, technology handling issues, and so on. Here are some disadvantages of e counselling listed below. Check out these points.

1. Absence of verbal and nonverbal cues:

While amazing advantages were presented earlier in the lack of verbal and non-verbal cues through online counselling, there are also disadvantages in not having such ideas when counselling.

2. Confidentiality and security:

Mental health practitioners have an ethical responsibility to preserve and support the privacy of their clients. With online therapy, the safety of the client’s records and information could be a risk, and confidentiality is at a higher chance of being inappropriately breached given the Conclusion.

3. Technological difficulties:

As we all know, new technology is increasing day by day. A new generation can easily understand how to handle the e counselling and connect on time. But it is difficult for the old age person like grandparents to feel the latest technology and get online counselling. They face many problems like how to connect, manage the smart device, and so on.

4. Ethical issues:

It is crucial to know the experience and the qualification of the therapist before hiring or taking help from them. As we all know, the different states have different guidance related to the license.


In this article, all the essential and necessary points related to the e counselling covered. This article consists of the advantages and disadvantages of e counselling. Read this carefully and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of e counselling. During this pandemic situation, e counselling is the best way to contact a psychologist and make your mental health safe and robust. 

During this tough time, it is essential to stay safe and secure at home. If you have any mental issues like depression, stress then talk to a therapist online and solve all the problems of anxiety and get proper treatment online and follow all the sessions on time.


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