Electric Man 2 – An Unblocked Games 76

Electric Man 2 Unblocked Games 76, the sequel to the action stickman game, will make you find yourself in a tournament against other stickmen trying to beat you for the grand prize. While playing this game, what you’ll have to do is Beat out every one of these stickmen using your electrifying power moves. Rest assured that this game will bring you no rules and several rounds with varying opponents to defeat. Keep your title and be the best of the Stickmen universe. 

Instructions to be followed

electric man 2
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While playing the Electric Man 2, all you need to note is that it requires the use of a keyboard to belt out all your awesome moves. Make use of the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. While playing the game, follow some simple commands. In this regard, Use the down arrow key when you wish to dodge or cartwheel out of a bad situation. On the other hand, there are keys A, S, and D to punch, kick, and grab, respectively. For something with more power, use Q, W, and E for the slow-motion version. 

The essential aspect is that these bring stronger moves, but note that they’re going to use up your battery points. You will have to give enough time to recharge battery points to use them wisely. At the beginning, you’ll get the option to name a character, choose a color, and choose the difficulty. When you have never played, you’ll get assistance with a tutorial to teach you to use your moves. Electric Man 2 has established itself as a fun online game to play as an electric stickman who performs cool moves to defeat his enemies. The action will bring you to a futuristic world, letting the player stay pitted against other electric fighters.

The new mission to be followed 

While playing the game, the mission you have to hold here is to defeat all your opponents and become the ultimate electric champion. What will guide you through the game is speed, agility, and fighting skills! It’s true that you’ll have to encounter different challenges as you progress through the game. Also, within that, you will have to keep battling multiple enemies at once. 

To play the game, control your electric stickman by using your keyboard. Controls to use here are 

– A: Punch.

– S: Kick.

– D: Grab.

– E: SlowMotion Grab.

– Q: SlowMotion Punch.

– W: SlowMotion Kick.

– Left/Right arrow keys: Run left/right.

– Down arrow key: Dodge.

Performing a move while running creates a new attack move.

While playing the game, be mindful that some attacks require battery points. There’s a possibility of using those attacks if you have at least one battery point. SlowMotion attacks need battery points but prove to be more powerful than regular ones. The battery will recharge by itself. Progressing through the game will make you come across various opponents and challenging levels, including Replicants, Cirrian Guard, The Frozen, and The Toxic10. While playing the game, what you’ll have to prioritize is thinking fast and moving quickly to avoid getting hit by your opponent’s attacks. 

Other essential points to be noted 

The game provides a Save/Load functionality, allowing you to write down some codes once you reach specific endpoints. With this, you can save progress and resume it from that point later on. Rest assured that it will prove to be a fun and exciting game to test your combat skills and reflexes. Put on your electric suit, charge up your power, and be ready to become the ultimate electric champion!

You can play the Electric man game with the keyboard. After loading the game click “New”. While playing the game, make the choice of the Electric man’s color and level from the opened window. Write your name to the top and press “Enter.” Skip the descriptions by pressing the “SPACE BAR.” Navigate Electric man with the right arrow keys. 

  • Technology: Flash (emulated)
  • Classification: Games» Action» Fighting
  • Platform: Browser (desktop-only)
  • Developer: Damien Clarke


  • With the game, you will find a large array of different moves
  • Fun stickman gameplay is yet incredible 
  • You find three different difficulty levels

Before entering the game, choose the name and color of your stickman while also making the choice of the difficulty level (easy, normal, or pro). After choosing your character, complete a tutorial that shows you the basic game mechanics and move sets. So be ready now to unleash electrifying combat skills, available as an unblocked game. 

Rest assured that the game will prove to be the ultimate source of action-packed entertainment when you want something during well-deserved breaks at school. A remarkable aspect of the game is that it is seamlessly playable on your Chromebook, with no flash required.

Dip yourself in a thrilling world of lightning-fast battles and strategic combat. Customize electric fighters and engage in intense one-on-one battles against skilled adversaries. You’ll definitely appreciate the smooth mechanics and captivating visuals, making it the perfect choice for quick online gaming sessions. Be ready to see for yourself the power of electricity and dominate the arena.



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