Expecting a Child? Check out the Ultimate Baby Safety Survival Kit

Expecting a child? Check out the ultimate baby safety survival kit. If you are close to having a child, you must know the following tips to help you with your baby’s care.

Clothing during the first few days

This is a priority from day 0 of your child’s birth. You should also keep in mind the sex of your baby and buy clothes from the beginning that will be worn during the first months of your baby’s life.

This is essential because, during the first days, it is obligatory to keep your child warm due to its newborn skin’s delicacy. Their clothes must be fine and strong enough to protect them from the different climates your child is in.

Remember that the baby’s clothes should be washed separately and without any fabric softener as this could generate an allergic reaction in the newborn’s body. It is also convenient to do the latter with your sheets and blankets and any other clothes you put on your child.

Check out the Thule Urban Glide 2 if you have been looking for the best stroller. No wonder, every new parent requires it because it enables them to rest assured about the child’s security.

The bath and creams

When you bathe a newborn, it is important to be very careful because of the delicacy of their skin, so you must take into consideration the type of soap and creams you use to care for them during the bathing process, as well as the utmost care when using these instruments to keep them clean and healthy.

Besides this, you have to consider that babies don’t bathe every day, but in two or three days, their lungs and skin could be affected daily, considering that these are new things for them and their bodies.

Sleeping all-day

Babies sleep a lot! There are monitoring systems to help you do any other stuff you need to do while your baby is sleeping during the day; this is probably the best way to keep your life yours during this time.

Take care of the baby’s nails.

Like the previous ones, these activities cannot be done alone, much less if they are newborns. It would be best if you only cut their nails when necessary. There is no specific time to start doing it. The important thing is to make the babies have healthy personal hygiene and be aware that this is carried out.

This activity can be done with round-ended scissors when the child is calm and resting, not to scare him or make him cry during the process. The most important thing is that you are aware of this to generate some fear of nail cutting from a young age.


This is mostly a matter of aesthetics rather than baby care since newborns’ hair tends to fall out most of the time during their development since it is six or seven months onwards that their real hair begins to grow.

Cutting the hair will not make it stronger either, as mentioned above; it is a matter of aesthetics on the parents’ part if they consider maintaining the hair until a certain growth. If your child’s hair is cut, remember that it should be done with round-ended scissors as this won’t do any damage to their head.

If you’re a new parent, keep in mind that your baby’s health and development during the first few months are important, and you should be aware of this.



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