Face Verification Solution – A Mode Of Prevention From Identity Larceny

As the world is getting advanced the theft against personal information is enhancing. Every sector should have an eye on every incoming and outgoing person. This eye is compulsory for safety measures. For that biometrics system is there for all institutions who are helping out all departments globally. Biometrics is a technology that identifies the traits of unusual persons to distinguish them. Biometrics are used universally for customer onboarding, security systems, phone unlocking, regulatory compliance, etc. The most famous and the foremost used biometric system is the face verification Solution.

Face verification systems have the patience and potential to provide identity services to huge businesses. This prevents businesses from scams and breaches while onboarding a customer, verifying a customer while making transactions, and identifying the salespeople and other businesses in B2B or B2C associations. According to a study, 74 percent customers believe that biometric verification is the safest and most secure for businesses. All types of businesses like financial, non-financial, legal, retail, and e-commerce use online face verification for the prevention of identity theft.

How to Proceed Facial Verification System?

Face verification is the dearest verification system that is easy to use for identification. It recognizes identity scams. It is used along with the verification of documents to check the unexpected person. The process which is included in the face recognition system does not leave a single chance for criminals to do scams. There are some processes for face identification given below;

  • Conforming the Faces
  • Live Appearance Detection
  • 3D Facial Recognition

Conforming the Faces

The first step which is performed is confirming the faces in which facial verification accesses the face of an individual by advanced biometrics solutions and provides proper screening against it. In this, the recognized face and the picture on the government-approved documents are matched through the “Document Verification” process. This online facial verification system helps to catch the criminal in no time and provides complete details about the identity whether that person is real or fake. This identification system traces whether that person has stolen the identity of any person or he is the real personality.

Live Appearance Detection

In the second step, the liveness of a person is detected. This face verification solution has the potential to perceive the live appearance of a person. It discerns the person’s minor facial expressions and distinguishes real identity by the movements like blinking of an eye and smiling. This strict security leaves no opportunity for the criminals to show fake photos and pictures for their benefit. And in the case of online video verification, the client is asked to make a small selfie video and make minor movements like the blinking of eyes and smile to recognize facial expressions. It’s an AI system used to comprehend the verification process and assures that the person is authentic and is verifying himself.

3D  Facial Recognition

The third step is this facial recognition system, which helps to detect facial features in-depth at the very first stage of verification. This distinguishes the minor and unique lines of the face in case of similarities in features between two persons. This identification leaves no loopholes for the criminals to fraud. In 3D facial verification, a person’s minor facial features and contour lines are matched with images and pictures provided on real documents.  This 3D observation prevents serious fraud cases worldwide.

Advantages of Face Verification Solution

Face recognition is the foremost technology that is playing its excellent role in multiple sectors like corporate sectors, academic organizations, financial institutions, e-commerce, etc. Things you should be aware of when using Myenvoyair. This saves these sectors from huge breach cases. There are some benefits given below.

Prevention From Identity Theft

The identity of clients can be detected by criminals through their driving licenses, ID cards, and account credentials for their benefits, which is illegal. This is one of the most common crimes which is hitting businesses drastically. This was the reason these businesses needed to practice KYC and AML compliances for the security of private information.

Security From Fake Identity

In the past when there were no such technologies that can detect scam identities, the crime rate was more than in the current age. At that time people made duplicate cards on other’s identities. These cards can be seen through naked eyes and were the reason for the growth of crime cases. But now these cards can be detected by the document verification process and face checking solutions. Which can secure the institutions from fake identities.

Apprehends Hidden Identity

This online face verification solution has the pure potential of detecting fake identity cases. This is very common to see the identities of dead people used by people who are alive. Those people use such dead identities for the purpose of personal advantages like pensions, insurances, etc. These are called ghost identities which are caught by this advanced technology of facial verification


To wrap up the whole conversation it can be seen that this advanced technology of face identity is giving benefits of its peak to all organizations. It is preventing these institutions from drastic breach cases. This is a convenient way of verification that can be done in no time globally. This eliminates cheating cases from the very first stage.


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