Factors to consider before implementing digital charting

Digital charting is one of the most popular and convenient ways to keep records of your patient’s medical care. These charts offer high-quality graphs and can be accessed securely from any web browser. You can scan and store your old paper records in a secure database with an integrated document manager. You can also use digital charting to share your patient charts with multiple facilities and doctors on a hospital rotation. You can even create digital charts for your patients.

There are several factors to consider before implementing digital charting

Type of charting you need

First, you need to decide on the type of charting you need. A raster chart is the most basic format and is not recommended for the field. A vector chart will be much better for most purposes. Ensure that the program you’re working with allows you to update the charts when necessary. Always keep a backup of the charts before deploying a new system to minimize the risks of data loss.

Regular chart updating

Another important consideration is whether you need to update the chart regularly. If you plan to use raster charts, you should upgrade them. Using a digital chart means keeping your patient records and charts routinely updated. This can be a significant convenience, but it requires careful preparation. You should select a program that will match the look of your paper charts but also provide more flexibility.

In addition to being convenient, digital charting may pose some safety issues. If you don’t properly prepare for the transition, you could have a system that causes errors. 

Make proper backups

As with any technology, it is vital to make proper backups and keep up with updates on your software. And finally, make sure your software is secure and easy to use. You need to know that your data is safe and secure when using digital charting.

Electronic charting system

Using an electronic charting system is a great way to keep accurate patient records. This tool makes it easy to access patient records on any computer, and it integrates seamlessly with most dental software. This software also helps you convert charted treatments into procedure codes, which can be used later. It will also allow you to add notes and images. This will help you to keep your patients happy. In the long run, you can save money and time.

Integrated EMR solution

With an integrated EMR solution, you can automatically prepare digital charts. Not only does this help you save time, but it also helps you eliminate errors. Using an EMR solution means using customizable templates for your patient records. Additionally, you can send electronic prescriptions to pharmacies. And the best feature is that it will also allow you to create and edit electronic charts from scratch. This is an essential feature to make your patient’s healthcare records more organized and accessible.

Surgical procedures are stressful for patients. Using digital charting, you can take note of relevant information once during the pre-op. The system will automatically fill in the information throughout the patient’s chart. And if the patient has any allergies, they can be flagged immediately. This ensures that the entire process goes smoothly and the patient is comfortable and relaxed. ASCs should also have 24/7 support for their customers. If you have a problem, you can get online help.

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Integrated digital charting system

An integrated digital charting system also saves space. It eliminates the need for physical charts, which takes up space and costs money. And it ensures that you never lose your patient data. This way, you can focus more time on patient care and improve your business. And, you don’t have to spend money on multiple software apps. And, since it’s not necessary to use any external programs, it’s safe to say that medical charting software makes the practice more productive.

Using a digital charting system also means you can keep track of every aspect of your patient’s treatment. The patient’s history will be logged and easily accessible. It is important to note that dental records should be organized in the same way as your patient’s medical records. The dentist must have the same information as you. And, digital charting makes it easier to access this data. There are many other benefits to using a digital system.


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