Family Law And The Need Of A Lawyer – Here Is What You Need To Know

Family is the most important part of your life, without it, you don’t feel complete. But sometimes things get hard emotionally and physically as well, and it becomes much more difficult and mind-consuming to carry on that relationship. You start wondering where things are getting wrong and how to come out of it.

If you thought divorce is the only option to be out of this relationship, a divorce lawyer can help you in making this process easier for you and your spouse. For these kinds of situations, family law is formed regulating family relations, marriage and separation, children’s custody, and economic matters.

But going to court is not the only option you can choose to settle your divorce dispute. Instead, finding mediation through a lawyer could be another cost-effective, moving forward and optimal solution for matrimonial issues.

Before going to court, you should keep in mind the following basic circumstances you could face. 

Property Division After Divorce

In these matters, family law states that if the situation comes to divorce due to any reason, then the property earned during the period of marriage will divide into two equal parts. It includes everything you own: your bank account, pension, home, car, etc.

If you acquired the family home before marriage, whether as a gift, purchase, or inheritance, you must divide its value with your spouse to comply with the equalization payment method. Just keep in mind that no one will get 100%, everything will be divided evenly irrespective of gender or class.

In the event of a divorce, the divorce equalization payment is meant to share the family’s assets evenly among the divorcing parties. You or your spouse must pay this sum of money to resolve the conflict. This sum might be paid in full upfront or over time through installments. 

The Amount You May Owe Or May Be Due

The amount that is due to you or your spouse is difficult to find out. That’s why before going to court, it is advisable to check your financial history of income statements, assets, and liabilities. In this regard, seeking help from a lawyer would be recommendable and a lawyer can judge your situation thoroughly and give you a good piece of advice before the court proceedings.

You can get a decent number of what is owed to you and your spouse just by doing some basic math. Find out the value of your assets and debt and subtract them. This number will help you find how much is owed to you or your spouse. 

Legal Rights Of Child Support

Family law has a strict implementation for the rights of children as they will be affected the most in the process. Most of the time, parents may reach an understanding about child custody and support without having to go to court, either through direct negotiation or mediation.

A court ruling, however, might be crucial for both parties when it comes to child support issues. A court order that reflects the terms of your agreement may be requested after you and your spouse have settled a dispute peacefully.

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is responsible for automatically managing and enforcing child support orders. If the ordered amount is not paid, the FRO may take several enforcement measures, including suspending their driver’s license, wages, pension, or employment insurance. 

Final thoughts

It is always wise to avoid court in family disputes and resolve the issue without any third-party interference.

But if things reach the point of no return, then you have a better option of mediation of a lawyer to let both reach the point that will be acceptable to both parties with minimum damage.

Going to court should be the last option in your mind while dealing with matrimonial issues.


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