Find Faster Internet Speeds While Traveling

Whether you’re hitting the road with your best friends for a summer trip or flying across the globe for a family vacation, one thing you can’t leave behind is connectivity. Not only is a good internet connection important to keep your social media updated with new pictures and content while traveling, but it also helps you find the best tourist attractions in the city, the cheapest hotels, and transport and fun activities to do during your stay.

A slow and spotty connection kills the entire adrenaline rush you get due to traveling. A huge chunk of time is spent waiting for web pages to load or staring at blank web pages. But you don’t have to worry about being in that painful situation. We’re here to make sure you never end up with a snail-speed connection while traveling. We’ve rounded up a few tried and tested tips and tricks that will come to your aid when you’re on the road, so keep reading!

  • Purchase A Travel Router

If all your work is on your handy smartphone, tablet, or other devices, you can bring a travel router along with you to connect to the Wi-Fi. You will find several in the market, making it easier for you to choose the features and speed boosters however you like. You have to set it up manually from your web browser, place it somewhere you’re getting the best signal strength from, and let it do its job.

Most routers are excellent in boosting Wi-Fi, providing great coverage, and offering amazing range, so you’re all set for all your travels! And the best part is that ravel routers are compact and lightweight, making them travel-friendly and super helpful.

  • Find Wired Connections Instead Of Wireless

Wireless connectivity is what the world thrives on in today’s time. And why wouldn’t that be the case? Wireless networks are a lot faster. However, that depends on the surrounding- location, number of devices, interference, and more. People fight for strong Wi-Fi signals when connected to a super bust wireless network, which is why connecting your laptop to the Wi-Fi via an Ethernet cable is a wise move.

Your laptop will most probably come with a network socket or Ethernet port you can connect the cable in, but in case you can’t find it – don’t fret! Buy a USB connector that you can easily find in every local IT accessory store and use that. You can connect your phone to the wired network as well, by switching on the mobile hotspot from your laptop!

  • Close All Your Background Apps

One of the most common reasons our phones and tablets suffer from slow internet speed is because of the apps running in the background. We don’t remember to turn them off and they sneakily drain a pretty decent connection. If you already have limited bandwidth to use, make sure your background apps are switched off or they will literally suck speed meant for browsing, emails, or whatever you wanted to do online.

  • Find The Best Signals By Moving Around

Moving around makes all the difference in the world! And we mean that literally. When it comes to finding the best Wi-Fi signal in the room, you may have to move around in the room which may take more than a few seconds. But it’s worth it once you find the right angle or spot. Wi-Fi signals are easily interrupted or blocked by other signals from telephones, electrical appliances, and concrete.

Whether you’re on data and using the best AT&T Wireless plan or using the public hotel Wi-Fi, moving around a bit definitely helps you find a decent internet signal.

  • Switch From Desktop Version To Mobile Version

You know those instances when you’re using the public Wi-Fi and the web pages take forever to load? Chances are you’re using the desktop version of the site instead of the mobile version. The desktop version of the site appears distorted on the phone screen, includes less information, looks unaesthetic, and doesn’t display the full information. It’s because desktop sites lack accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that load the pages faster. You can use extensions on your web browser to trick the Wi-Fi network into thinking you’re using a smartphone instead of a different device.

Wrapping It Up

Finding free Wi-Fi in public spaces isn’t an issue. Traveling around is a lot easier and convenient because of that but getting stuck with a slow internet connection is a real issue! However, with these tips and tricks to use, you can escape the pain of dealing with spotty internet on your next trip!


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