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First-Time Parents? The Dos and Don’ts of Parenting

After achieving the milestones of pregnancy and labor, you have a fragile new life to look after. Now even though it might seem daunting and nerve-wracking, it is a process of learning. Needless to say, you will make mistakes when taking care of and raising your first baby. While minor errors are completely acceptable and even seasoned parents make them, you can’t ‘trial and error’ your way through the big things. Your child’s safety, hygiene, and overall health should be absolutely prioritized, leaving no room for uncertainties. 

It’s understandable if you’re nervous, but don’t worry because we have got your back. To assist you in taking care of your first child, let’s look at a few dos and don’ts of parenting.


Hire a Nanny

Don’t be surprised when your parenting responsibilities start getting in the way of your personal, professional, and social life. You would have little to no time for running errands around the house; you would need help just to catch a breath. That is just assuming you are a stay-at-home parent, but what if you have work commitments? If both you and your partner work, who will take care of the attention-needing little munchkin? You cannot be everywhere, which is why we recommend hiring a nanny. 

When choosing a nanny, there are several factors to consider. From looking at their experience to training, past clients, and general attitude towards children, hiring a nanny on your own can be well time-consuming and overwhelming. This is where professional childcare services come in. 

Hiring from a reliable and well-known company ensures security and gives you peace of mind. If you’re in Massachusetts looking for a nanny service in Boston, The Childcare Pros will offer you the best resources in the comfort of your home. With a trustworthy nanny around, you can set off to work knowing that your child is safe and being taken care of in a happy and healthy environment.

Bathe the Right Way

A few weeks after birth, the umbilical cord is still attached, and the navel area is healing. Your baby might also be healing from a circumcision. To avoid infections, give your child a sponge bath until the navel has healed. Your baby would be ready for a tub bath after one to four weeks; however, you can extend the sponge bath period if a sudden change upsets your child.

Bathing about three times a week is enough. When preparing, use your elbows to check water temperature—it should not be too warm. While some experienced parents prefer using just water for the earlier months, you can use high-quality FDA-approved baby shampoo.

Use Warm Compress

Breastfeeding is a crucial part. If you feel your child is experiencing trouble with suckling, you might want to make milk flow easier. Your milk ducts might be blocked, or your breasts might be engorged. Heat usually helps with these situations. You can use a heating pad, warm cloth, or a flax pillow. Other than making the process comfortable, warming up your breasts can ease the pumping process. With increased milk flow, you can be sure the little tummy is receiving its needed supplements.

Let Your Child Enjoy Nappy-Free Time

Diapers are convenient for both the baby and the parents, yet you shouldn’t use them all the time. Your child’s skin is sensitive and prone to diaper rash.  Let your kid experience nappy-free time to avoid contracting diaper rash. Exposure to air allows for a natural drying time. If you are worried about the mess, we recommend laying the baby on a towel and covering their legs to avoid splashes.


Don’t Let Your Child Sleep on Stomach

America Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) presented concerns related to sudden infant deaths related to sleeping positions. Sleeping on the stomach or side is not recommended. Let your little one sleep on their back—in supine positioning—on a firm and flat surface. According to Mayoclinic, sleeping on the stomach results in the spine and back experiencing strain. It also places increased stress on other body parts. The spine carries nerves; the stress may result in pain in several parts of the body. A newborn is fragile; the smallest amount of stress can result in distress. So, the smartest choice is to follow the recommendations and ensure your child gets proper rest.

Don’t Ignore the Fever

Children get sick all the time. While the fever and high temperature itself might not be an illness, it is often a symptom of infection or some other problem and should be dealt with promptly. Sometimes fevers may be caused by something as harmless as overdressing; occasionally, they are an after-effect of treatment or vaccination; however, most of the time, they can be worrying. If the temperature is persistently high above the normal range, you should pay a visit to your doctor. AAP recommends using digital thermometers to record the temperature and track progress. Avoid mercury thermometers to prevent the risk of mercury poisoning in case of accidental breakage.

Don’t Ignore Oral Healthcare

You may find the need for oral hygiene in newborns a bit peculiar—considering they don’t have teeth—, but it’s never too early to start. Though your child might not have teeth, it’s still important to clean their gums and tongue after feeding. Use wet gauze with lukewarm water. 

After the sprouting of the teeth, use a baby toothbrush to prevent tooth decay. Since tooth decay is an infectious, transmissible disease, you need to be vigilant. 

Final Thoughts 

Transitioning to being a parent is a huge responsibility, but it can be made easy with assistance from experienced helpers and nannies. Similarly, you can take care of their diet without compromising comfort by using a warm compress. Keep track of oral and physical hygiene, diaper rashes, and fever in newborns—every matter is serious when it comes to your little one. With our tips, you will be able to do a great job while still having fun with the cute munchkin! Happy parenting!


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