Flatbed LED UV Printer

Flatbed UV Printer offers several great advantages and great value not offered by competing brands.

The Colorjet UV Flatbed LED UV Printer has a two-sided UV lamp that produces incredible amounts of UV light. This low energy efficient ultraviolet lamp is called the vacuum table. This vacuum table allows for rapid drying of any substrate material and the Colorjet’s UV lamp works equally well with most substrate materials including glass, metal, ceramics, and plastics. The Colorjet UV flatbed printer is able to produce high quality prints on many substrates including plastics, rubber and carbon with excellent results.

The Ricoh flatbed led printer is easy to operate due to its user friendly user interface. It is also one of the most advanced technologies available today when it comes to printers. The key advantage to owning a Ricoh printer is its ability to cross-reference data sources such as digital data, software information, and any other source material and automatically display the results. Another advantage to owning a Ricoh flatbed printer is its high quality output. In addition, the Ricoh brand is renowned for being one of the most durable brands in the market today. Furthermore, the Colorjet UV LED printer and the Colorjet UV Flatbed LED are very compatible with each other.

The Colorjet UV LED printer by Ricoh is a high quality, durable, and versatile high-volume printing machine. The Colorjet is compatible with most desktop publishing applications and can supply substantial quantities of printed matter in a short amount of time. The printer is available in sizes ranging from seven inches to twenty-six inches; however, most models are compatible with both twenty-six inches and twenty-eight inch models. This large flatbed printer is also compatible with most printing devices such as fax machines, copiers, printers, faxes, and network servers.

With the Colorjet UV  Printer, there are several options to choose from. The Colorjet provides users with several features including a solid surface and durable laminated aluminum frame that can support high-performance printing. It includes a powerful eighty-page ink tube with a total printing speed of seventy-seven inches per minute and has a maximum overall dimension of one hundred sixty-five inches. The printer incorporates an intuitive user interface that gives precise control over the printing process. The machine can be operated either using touch pad or keyboard and has an intuitive software management system.

The Colorjet UV LED printer utilizes an eighty-page Epson Premium ink cartridge that features premium ink to deliver high quality prints. This machine also has a single ribbon Printer Lock that prevents the user from printing duplicate pages. The overall dimension of this printer is one hundred and seventy-six inches long, one hundred and fifty-six inches tall, and weighs two pounds. It is equipped with four standard size holes for connecting the printer’s ribbon and its USB connector.

Other features include a comprehensive driver package that enables users to view document specifications and generate a cost-free print report. It also comes with an automatic document feeder that enables documents to be fed into the printer through the use of a simple ID card. It comes with built in security measures that include auto shut off by holding the print button for fifteen seconds, instant confirmation for each page being printed, encryption and authentication for passwords and data, built in safeguards against power surges, document restoration, and software updates that occur automatically. The printer also comes with a universal serial bus (USB) that is helpful in connecting it to other electronic equipment and the computer.



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