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Based on traffic, trading volume, and liquidity, Bybit is among the greatest cryptocurrency margin platforms in the world. Bybit is a reputable trading platform with a cutting-edge environment, with more than 10 million registered users. Revolut, on the other hand, offers a variety of options to budget, save, and invest, as well as online multi-currency accounts for individual and business users. Traders Union have listed a Bybit Review and with that Bybit Vs Revolut comparison.

Bybit Review

Bybit Copy Trading

Trading cryptocurrency is simpler for investors by copy trading, especially for novice investors who lack trading knowledge and experience. Using this tool, traders can select a registered expert trader on the Bybit exchange to automatically follow and imitate. The folks who choose to use copy trading will experience identical gains (if any) and losses as that of the professional trader they mimic. You must give the trader your copy 10% of your net earnings as a copy trader on Bybit. Even if they do not have all knowledge about cryptocurrency trading, it is one of the greatest and simplest ways for beginning traders to trade. Although there are many platforms on the market that offer copy trading, Bybit is among the best.

Bybit Leverage

On the Bybit platform, leverage is another option. In essence, it allows you to trade greater than the actual value of the assets in your cryptocurrency wallet using borrowed money. If the cryptocurrency price follows your expectations, leverage trading may increase your profits. On the other hand, if the price moves in another direction, it can increase your losses. It can make every Bybit trade you do potentially profitable with some luck and technique. For instance, purchasing 100 futures to long Bitcoin with a 3x leverage indicates that your profit, should its price increase, would triple. To assist you in staying honest, your leverage decision may also determine your first margin. The Bybit exchange’s risk limit table shows that as the value of the contracts you own increases, so does the maximum leverage. Each unique rise or decrease in contract value results in a predetermined increment adjustment in your initial margin need.

Bybit Vs Revolut

Is Bybit Legit?

Since many bitcoin traders are unfamiliar with Bybit, it is common to wonder whether it is secure. Yes, Bybit is a legitimate company. Bybit takes a lot of effort to assure the highest trade security on their platform, and they’ve never been hacked. For instance, they have a rule stating that bitcoin withdrawals are limited to three per day. As a result, a hacker cannot access a user’s account and immediately empty it. A user with a compromised account has time to lock it so that no withdrawals can be made by limiting withdrawals to a few per day. Similar functionality is available on Bitmex, although withdrawals are limited to one per day. In addition, Bybit takes great care when storing their coin.

Is Revolut Legit?

Checking two facts is strongly recommended to be sure:

  • Your protection in case something goes wrong
  • The broker’s past experiences

DriveWealth LLC, a company that offers the trading service and platform for Revolut Trading, receives client orders from Revolut and sends them to them. They are sometimes referred to as “Third Party Brokers” by Revolut. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Regulatory Authority are in charge of overseeing this business on a federal level in the United States (FINRA). DriveWealth executes orders in its capacity as an agent by sending the order to a floor broker at the NYSE. Clients of Revolut are covered by the Securities Investment Protection Corporation’s (SIPC) insurance for up to $500,000 (including up to $250,000 cash).

How fast is Revolut?

The destination and currency you are transferring determine how long it will take to transfer your money:

  • Other Revolut users may receive it immediately.
  • Alternatively, transferring money in GBP to a UK bank account may take a few hours to three days.
  • It often takes up to two working days to transfer EUR to a European bank account.
  • It often takes up to one working day to transfer IDR, INR, or MYR to a Malaysian, Indian, or Indonesian bank account.

 For normal clients, an overseas money transfer, however, may take 3-5 days.


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