Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners: Useful Recommendations

Trading strategies allow you to structure your trading and make it more reasonable. By simply buying and selling assets, you can’t make your profits grow gradually in the long term. Those who use forex trading in Nigeria strategies, can receive profitable signals on their own and increase their chances to earn money in each particular trade.

The Easiest Trading Strategies

While some trading systems may seem overcomplicated, not all of them require skills and efforts from traders to apply them. Below you will find some simplest trading strategies that you can use even if you don’t have enough trading experience:

  1. Trend trading strategies. By using math indicators like Moving Average and others, you can easily find out the current market tendency and make reasonable decisions. Moving Average shows the general direction of the trend, allowing you to buy or sell a particular asset.
  2. Price action trading strategies. You don’t even need an indicator to trade, using price action models. Some patterns can be clearly seen on the charts, allowing you to use them to predict further market price fluctuations.
  3. Range trading strategies. Sometimes the price has no particular direction as it bounces off the borders of a horizontal range. This is the best time to use so-called range trading strategies. Their idea is very simple. You need to sell an asset when the price can’t break out of the resistance area and buy it, once the quotes reverse close to the support area.
  4. Breakout Forex trading strategies for beginners. They are similar to range strategies, but the idea behind those trading tactics is to buy when the price breaks out the resistance level and to sell when the quotes break down the support one.

How to Create a Strategy?

Creating a trading strategy is a bit complicated, but you need to complete this procedure in order to succeed. First and foremost, you need to define what analysis tools will be used in a particular trading system. You can use various math indicators, graphic tools, or even combine them.

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The next step is to define your money management plan. You need to analyze your budget to understand what amount you can use to trade and what percentage of risk you can afford in this case.

Creating a strategy requires also time frame planning and some other important aspects. Always remember that all professional traders use trading strategies instead of buying or selling assets randomly.



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