Fun Things You Need in Your Life That Just Make Sense

It has been a hell of a journey the past two years, and frankly, none of us really needed it to go on for this long. Many of us are burnt out, emotionally fatigued, and a wary about where life is going to take us this year. Let us hope that 2022 is the year that 2021 was supposed to be.

Because of this, sometimes you do just need to treat yourself, and we have exactly some fantastic suggestions on how you can do that. Add a bit of fun to your life, and read this piece for some inspiration!

A Mini Projector

There is no need to wait until you can freely go to the cinema again to have a similar experience. Some might even say a better experience! A mini projector can allow you to create your very own cinema night, where no one gets up to go to the toilet in front of you at a crucial moment, or there are no packets of chips rattling right behind your head. You get to pick the film you really want to see, and only invite whoever you want to watch it with you – dreamy. 

Mini projectors are surprisingly low cost now, and you can get one for, under 100 dollars, which means as a special treat, it will not break the bank. It is also the gift that keeps on giving and will surpass the cost that you would take a trip out to see a movie plenty of times.

Giant Bean Bags

Comfort is important, and nothing does comfort quite like bean bags. 

While they are commonly thought of as a child’s seat, there are actually plenty of bean bags that adults can get their hands on, which will, not to be dramatic, change their lives. 

You can get bean bags that you can fully lie on, which support all contours of the body, or choose one that can fit even two adults on there. They are perfect for moving around as well, not like heavy, clunky sofas, so if you need to side outside, you can take your bean bag. If you want to get closer to a radiator, you can take your bean bag. If your partner is snoring and you can’t sleep – you can go downstairs and sleep on your giant bean bag. The possibilities are endless! Disclaimer – you may never want to sit on a regular chair ever again. 

Window Bird House

A window birdhouse is definitely one for the nature lovers and can offer you an up, close and personal experience of a bird’s life without you spooking them or scaring them off. 

You simply attach the clear Perspex glasshouse to your window with the suction pads and fill it with seeds, mealworms, and other things they will like, then you sit and wait to become Cinderella. As soon as the birds catch on, you will be able to see them feed without needing any binoculars!


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