Golden Triangle India Tour Itinerary to Unleash the Best of Northern India Tourism

India’s tourism impression is growing, and it’s no wonder that the cities with the most significant footprints are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. If you estimate the shortest route among these three points, you will wind up with an imaginary triangle at the country’s center. So, it is referred to as the Golden Triangle. The Golden triangle tour Itinerary will take you to a Jaipur Delhi Agra tour.

So, are you willing to book India’s golden triangle tour? Then LIH Travels brings you the best Golden triangle India tour packages to witness the beautiful cities.

Why Should One Consider the Golden Triangle Tour?

So, the Golden triangle tour Itinerary is the most well-traveled and well-known pathway in modern India. Moreover, the journey takes in the best of Indian architecture, Rajasthani sights, and natural wonders. Begin your journey in Delhi by exploring the city.

Also, some tourists don’t usually stick to the golden triangle India tour itinerary. Some can customize the tour by including places like Goa to witness the nightlife, beaches, and beautiful attractions. Additionally, if they are a wildlife enthusiast, witness the Royal Tiger in Ranthambore.

If you are still thinking about booking a Luxury Golden triangle India tour package, we share with you a few compelling reasons to change your mind.

4 Reasons To Go on India’s Golden Triangle Tour

1. Beautiful Architecture & Heritage

The Golden triangle tour Itinerary is prominent to catch a glimpse of the Mughal and Royal Maharaja’s era. The trip will take you to some of the most excellent architectural pieces that portray their excellent craftsmanship. Additionally, you will know the story behind these architectures.

Moreover, in India, you can find temples, mosques, monuments, war memorials, palaces, forts, etc. Each of these structures holds significant religious and cultural significance.

2. Spirituality and Religion

Many religions, notably Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and diverse religious ideologies, originated in India. Spirituality and religion are deeply intertwined with daily Indian life.

The majority of people travel to India in quest of quiet and a peaceful setting to do some self-examination. A trip to India’s temples on the Golden triangle tour Itinerary. Also, a study of several religious works of literature includes a deeper understanding of India’s Indigenous culture.

3. Indian Festivals

India’s schedule of festive occasions is jam-packed with religious and cultural festivals, as well as spectacular fairs. Holi and Diwali, India’s lively festivities, are widely celebrated. You can witness these festivals in the Golden Triangle itinerary, and the Teej Fair and Gangaur Kite Festival are two colorful celebrations held in Jaipur.

So, book your Golden triangle India tour package accordingly to witness these beautiful festivities.

4. Shopping

Shopping in the colorful bustle of an Indian marketplace. You can find sellers and buyers bargain sales. Moreover, there is a rush of activity to hunt for unique foodstuffs and other consumer goods. So, this is the most excellent way to reveal India’s golden triangle tour captivating vibrancy.

Detailed 6 Days Golden Triangle Tour Itinerary

During the six days, you’ll journey by car or learn about each city’s historical and cultural background. If you are a first-time visitor, this golden triangle India tour will offer a detailed tour.

Day 1 – Delhi

Upon your arrival at the Delhi International Airport, the travel agent will greet and welcome you traditionally. Following that, you will board your car and head to your hotel room. Check-in, relax, have some food, and you can go for some nearby shopping or sightseeing.

Accommodation: Overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 2 – Delhi

After your breakfast, your morning trip begins. We’ll go to Old Delhi, a medieval city whereby each street is alive with bustle. Some of the sites which you can visit during your trip are as follows:

Qutub Minar Red Fort Lotus Temple India Gate Jama Masjid

Government Buildings Humayun’s Tomb

Following your entire day of sightseeing, return to your hotel, have your dinner, and get a peaceful sleep.

Accommodation: Overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 3 – Delhi to Agra

Start the day with a delicious early morning breakfast. Following that, depart for Agra by road. Check into the hotel when you arrive in Agra.

Begin with your Agra tour trip after you are fresh. Additionally, your Golden triangle tour Itinerary will include visits to Agra Fort, the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s most stunning structures, and other local sightseeing locations. Moreover, the sunset sight of the Taj Mahal is a genuinely fantastic experience.

Return to your accommodation for the evening.

Day 4 – Agra to Jaipur

So, prepare to depart for Jaipur by packing your belongings. On the route, stop by Fatehpur Sikri, a Mughal city that was deserted in the past. Although some areas are in destruction, the town retains its allure.

The Buland Darwaza, one of the world’s largest gateways, is a sight to behold. Afterward, travel to the last destination of Jaipur, Delhi, Agra tour towards Pink City, Jaipur by roadway.

Day 5 – Jaipur

Drive to Amer first thing in the morning. Arrive at Amer Fort, one of Rajasthan’s UNESCO-listed forts, on the elephant’s back and enjoy a royal ride. Travel to Jaipur city later in the day for sightseeing.

As you explore their beautiful sights, you will be able to witness the majesty of the Rajputs. You can visit attractions such as City Palace, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Birla Temple, and others.

The local bazaars offer a wide range of shopping opportunities. Return to the hotel after concluding your day.

Day 6 – Delhi – Jaipur

Have your breakfast at the hotel, take the route to Delhi and reach the airport. After that, board your flight and look forward to your next adventure. Carry all the beautiful memories from the Golden triangle tour Itinerary.

Street Foods of Golden Triangle Tour

With the Golden triangle tour plan, you get the opportunity to sample a variety of Indian cuisines prepared with various ingredients.

Old Delhi, notably Chandni Chowk, is sometimes referred to as India’s food capital and is well-known for its street cuisine. Additionally, you can taste on the roadside a range of chaats, chicken, and mutton dishes. Also, there are vegetarian options, and Samosas and tikkis are popular chaat items served with chutney.

In Agra, you can find a unique sweet item – Petha, made from a vegetable known as the white pumpkin. You can go to Sadar Bazar to buy tasty pethas.

Laal maas is a popular Rajasthani dish (Red Meat). Laal Maas is a dish with roots in the region’s illustrious past.

Final Say

With the Golden triangle tour Itinerary, get a view of the country’s forts and most impressive forts and monuments. When you choose LIH Travel’s Golden triangle India tour package, be assured that your trip will be one of a kind.

Hurry up, select your Golden triangle India tour package, customize it, and explore India.


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