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Hairstyles that suit your hat : winter edition

Hats are an important accessory when it comes to winter clothing. Personally, I think our outfits get lost amongst herringbone, houndstooth, ribbed, and many more patterns. To neutralize the vibe of an outfit we need hats – of all kinds. 

Be it a beanie, fedora, or beret hat everybody needs to add a structured piece to their wardrobe. Hats supplement an additional texture, which elevates any outfit as jewelry does. 

Bella Hadid the super famous fashion icon didn’t just normalize a botched nose job. In her recent looks, she stylized different hat styles and proved that women can rock beanies too. 

Here go few hairstyling tips that will blend best with your hat – 

  • Tousled bob 

Tousled or blunt is extremely popular in women who aspire to a medium to short length hairstyle. When pairing it with a hat keep in consideration that you want your beautiful locks to display. You can use a curling iron or rolls to get a wavy look. Bobs in general look perfect underneath a Fedora. This winter doesn’t just cover your head with a scarf, compact-sized Fedora would be splendid. 

  • Pigtails 

Pigtails are the ideal messy but cute hairstyle. In winter we dress in a way that lessens flowy movement. Top bun and sleek ponytails look more appropriate in the summer season. I get this question too often: how to wear a hat with long hair? We think most women would look better in bohemian or lace pigtail braid. Pairing it with an oversized pom-pom beanie would escalate your look instantly. 

  • Low pony 

Tall & high ponytails distinctly draw more attention to your hair. Which is alright when your overall outfit isn’t on point. But in the winter months, it is better to tone things down in terms of hair at least. Low ponies make your hair naturally look sleek and straight (frizz-free too ). Popular American YouTuber Emma Chamberlain is famous for pulling low ponies. Most importantly low ponies give you ample space for to pair a beret or newsboy cap. 

  • Accent braids 

These little braids can go a long way if you wish to exude a bohemian guise. Accent braids are convenient for people who have busy schedules but still want a  hair-do. Accent braids are super small braids either done on one or both sides, you can keep the rest of the hair open. This is an extremely easy-to-do hairstyle that would go perfectly with a straw hat or Panama hat. 

  • Knotted ponytail 

This type of ponytail signifies a laid-back yet gracious look. If you’re a fierce person from the heart and only want your hair to have a touch of femininity then it is appropriate. Separate your hair into three sections like it is done in a classic braid. Then tie down the two-section right in the midsection. Then wrap and make a knot of these three together, secure with a minimal leather band. A knotted ponytail can perfectly complement a big furry hat like a hunter hat. 

  • Shoelace bun 

Who says we can’t pair buns with hats? well in 2021 that’s just a myth. Even in early victorian fashion women of a certain status used to have buns under their bonnet. Especially a shoelace bun comes off as extremely flattering. The idea of a shoelace bun is exactly how it sounds. The bundle of hair that everyone wraps around to make a bun, make section from it. Then you can start tying shoelace knots, this process can be repeated according to preference. A shoelace bun is most relevant in the winter if you pair it with a sun hat. 


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