Herbal Tablets – Benefits & Uses

Ayurveda is a branch of science that deals with herbs and plants and looks for medicinal solutions to human problems in nature. Ayurveda is practiced with the help of many scriptures and books written by ancient sages and saints who found medicinal properties in many herbs and plants. 

In modern days, these same principles and values are followed by Ayurvedic practitioners but with the combination of scientific technologies to carefully extract herbs to form ayurvedic medicines such as capsules, herbal oils, and herbal tablets – each one has a unique formulation and is made in a way that it can target specific problems in the human body and treat it. The best thing about ayurvedic medicines is that it is completely natural and has no chemicals, and therefore, no side effects either. 

Ayurvedic Medicines in Modern Days

As the medical world has advanced so much in the past few years, Ayurveda has branched out and has gained a lot of reputation and appreciation worldwide. Many people are now following ayurvedic treatment methods and are experiencing better and faster healing from their problems. 

Ayurvedic medicines are formulated carefully to make the right form of medicine, be it in the form of capsules, herbal oils, or herbal tablets, each medicine has a unique formulation technique. 

Some of the most common medicines used in Ayurveda are:

Medicine for Metabolism

There are many herbal tablets in Ayurveda that help promote good metabolism. Active ingredients such as Turmeric, Amla, and Guduchi helps in improving metabolism and aids healthy living in patients.

Medicine for Muscle and Joint Health

Herbal Tablets with active ingredients such as Frankincense extracts, Amla, Guggul, etc help in maintaining healthy bones and muscle functions. Ingredients such as Pepper and Tripahala also aid in healthy bones and maintenance of skin and tissue health. 

Medicine for Urinary Functions

Herbal Tablets for urinary functions help in regulating the urinary organs and healthy urinary system with active ingredients such as Guggul, Long Pepper, Ginger, and Tribulus. Some other medicines help in prostate care as well and promote a healthy urinary system also with a healthy prostate.

Medicine for Respiratory Health

Ayurvedic medicine with active ingredients such as Turmeric, Guduchi, Amalaki, etc helps in maintaining a good and healthy respiratory system. It helps in alleviating allergy-causing factors and disorders such as asthma and other breathing abnormalities. 

Medicine for Eyesight

There are medicines specially formulated to help users have better eyesight with active ingredients such as marigold flower extracts – Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These help in reducing stress to the eye from radical damage and support a healthier vision.

Medicine for Uterine Health

There are certain medicines made especially for women to help them during their menopausal period for a smoother transition to menopause. This phase is especially crucial due to hormonal imbalance that can naturally occur in the body causing stress and physical tiredness

Medicine for Cardiovascular Health

Cardiac health is one of the most important and therefore there are special medicines and herbal tablets formulated to keep the heart healthy and the functions normal. It helps in preventing cardiac failures and weakness of the muscle over time.

There are many benefits of consuming herbal tablets when compared to Allopathy as they are completely natural and have minimal to no side effects. Also, these medicines are made entirely from natural extracts and therefore there are no chemicals in them. They are not retained in the body or in the bloodstream and are naturally processed by the metabolism.

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