Here are Seven Reasons to choose a career path in Data Analytics

In the United States of America, an estimated 2.7 million job openings in Data science and analytics will be available by the end of 2021. The Data Analytics field is gaining much traction as companies rely on carefully collected data to gain insights into their business operations to make lucrative decisions.  

In the end, there is a massive amount of data floating around, and how companies utilize it is all that matters the most right now. It is why data analysts are at the forefront of information technology. As a result, these professionals have become a vital part of every business out there, helping them improve their business operations, enhancing their decision-making abilities, and providing them a competitive edge. 

These days, professionals skilled in Data analytics have various career opportunities they can take advantage of. With that in mind, let us look at a few reasons why choosing a career path in Data analytics might be right for you. 

The Increasing demand for Analytics professionals. 

According to a senior executive at Accenture Institute for High Performance, Jeanne Harris, every company should hire Data Analytics professionals, as, without their skills, data will be useless. 

It is no wonder that nowadays, there are more masters in data analytics jobs in Data Management and Analytics now than there were a few years ago. Not to mention, most businesses are ready to invest money and time in training aspiring candidates.

Furthermore, job sites such as Indeed and Dice show a positive pattern as far as job postings go during the last 12 months. Moreover, according to a Quickstreet Inc. Study, the trend of Big Data implementation is booming and considered a priority for most American businesses. 

Plus, a majority of companies are in the process of planning and adding this feature within their business operations within the next couple of years.

The salary outlook is positive.  

The ever-increasing demand for Data Analytics professionals everywhere is boosting salaries for qualified candidates, making companies pay the big bucks for the correct set of skills in this field. 

According to the Salary and Skills Survey published by the IAPA (the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia), a Data Analyst’s median salary is around $130,000 per year, approximately 4% more than last year’s figures.  

A look at the UK’s salary trend also indicated an exponential, positive pay increase. According to a quick search online, a data analyst’s median salary in the UK is around £62,500 per year, approximately a 13.63% increase from last year. 

Moreover, India also experienced the same salary bump of about 21%!

You’ll explore popular Analytics Techniques and Tools. 

Suppose you have a love for statistics and mathematics. In that case, chances are a career in Data Analytics will provide you with a platform to enhance your skills in graph theory, numerical algebra, fundamental analysis, linear algebra, and applied statistics.

What’s more, you can also enroll in supporting degrees such as a master’s in computer science to improve your SQL, Hive, and Python coding skills. After all, these skills will allow you to stay three steps ahead in the Big Data Analytics game.

You’ll become a mentor.

When you improve your Data Analytics and programming skills, you’ll be recognized as an expert in the field while working for your employer. This will allow you to increase your chances of becoming a mentor within your organization, taking on newcomers, and teaching them the tricks of the trade.

Furthermore, increasing your experience in the Data analytics field will enable you to take advantage of opportunities beyond your area of scope. 

Plus, there are tons of online educational platforms looking for Data Analysis mentors for their Big Data Analytics programs. Participating in these programs will allow you to earn more than just a monthly salary.

You can become a Data Scientist. 

Probably the best reason to become a Data Analyst is that it will allow you to become a Data Scientist in the future, provided you take advantage of the right opportunities. Usually, a Data Scientist is a cross between a Data engineer and a Data Analyst. While working as one, you’ll provide organizations with one-size-fits-all solutions.

What’s more, small to medium-sized businesses will distribute Big Data projects amongst several people. However, as a Data Scientist, you’ll lead a team of Data analysts to ensure that your organization leverage business opportunities at the right time. 

So, in the end, a Data Scientist’s role might appear multifaceted. But, utilizing your skillset in various areas related to successful business management will allow you to leave your mark in the Data Analytics World.

You’ll have critical decision-making power. 

There is no doubt that Data Analytics will add value to any business, allowing it to make better, more informed decisions, as mentioned above. That said, a career in Data Analytics will allow you to become a crucial decision-maker for your organization.

Not to mention, with more and more businesses depending on Data Analytics professionals, you will have to collaborate with critical company personnel to streamline the decision-making process from top to bottom. 

Furthermore, you’ll have to deal with stakeholders and present valuable data to make essential business decisions easily and quickly.

You can always become a freelance consultant as well. 

Typically, a Big Data Analyst will consult organizations and offer them insights into sales and marketing. But, that doesn’t mean you have to remain at a particular company. As a freelance consultant, you will be responsible for analyzing and strategizing data-driven decisions for multiple organizations simultaneously, utilizing various resources all at once.

Suppose you have a firm grip on the latest Big Data technologies. In that case, you can play a vital role in various businesses’ operational organization efforts and provide them the insights required to make intelligent decisions.


It is a well-known fact that big data is complicated. However, no matter how advanced Data Analytics will get, human labor will always be in high demand. 

Data will have no use unless a human being knows how to utilize it correctly. So, if you’re thinking about enrolling in a Data analytics degree, now is the right time to do so!


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