Hiring Licensed Emergency Plumbing Contractors

Any residential or commercial property will require the services of trusted and certified plumbers Perth WA locals can vouch for. Expert skills are required during construction when water supply, gas connection and drainage are installed, and also after the build when maintenance, repairs and replacement is required. It also helps to call upon professional plumbers you can rely on when there is an emergency situation. Not just anyone can work on plumbing systems; as a discipline, it requires qualifications and multiple licenses. The best plumbers also have a long track record and many years of experience. DIY is illegal, and doing your own plumbing work can impact selling your property. DIY plumbing is unsafe and very often the work has to be re-done after initially being performed incorrectly.

Hiring an emergency contractor

When you have a plumbing problem at work or at home that requires urgent attention, you call an emergency plumber for assistance. For plumbing maintenance, you hire a regular licensed plumber to help you. It’s worth noting that you pay more to have a plumber come to your location, especially during evenings and weekends. Here are some tips to help you shortlist the best possible options in your area.

  • You can ask family and friends who they use, and whether there are any plumbers they would recommend. Nowadays, the internet makes it a lot easier to perform a local search and create a shortlist of options by reading through each contractor’s website. Look at the plumber’s attributes, skills and services, while checking if they offer both regular and emergency services. Look for reputable plumbers by checking online to see what previous customers are saying in their reviews.
  • Make sure the emergency hours are 24/7. Some offer after-hours services but do not operate on a 24/7 basis.
  • Look for plumbing contractors Perth that are closer to your location. A shorter drive for your plumber can reduce travel costs and it also means they get to you sooner. Quick plumbing fixes can prevent minor damage from escalating to an emergency situation.
  • Make sure your plumber has a strong track record, all the right qualifications, and a valid license. Ask to see references and contact them.
  • Look for plumbers with experience, as they react quickly and efficiently to a raft different situations, given that they have seen these issue before and know exactly what to do.


Whether you are looking for a plumbing contractor to handle renovation and construction work, plumbing maintenance, or some emergency work, you should a contractor with a good reputation, all requisite licenses and insurance. Your plumber should have mostly positive reviews from previous and current clients. With the above tips, you can have more success in your search and hopefully find a plumber you can turn to for many years to come!


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