Home decor ideas and room decoration with pastel colors

We love our brights and bolds, isn’t it? But we also have a soft corner for the feminine, lighter Pastels. Do you agree? Let’s admit this. Pastels are beautiful, and there’s something special about the shades like Pink, Light Yellow, and Mint that we cannot resist.

Those days had long gone when these colors made their way into kids’ rooms and nurseries only. Today, they are considered aptly suited for all sophisticated spaces. From lending a pop of color to any room to adding a soothing and calm tint to the walls, pastels are the colors of all seasons.

Soothing, soft, versatile, and varied, this family of colors has so much on offer for its users! Make pastels the star of your home decoration show by using these relaxing shades to change your abode’s mood! Let’s see how:

1. Pastels with Sheer White Make the Best Combination

This is one tried and tested way of heightening the magic and the effect of different pastel colors. Pair them with sheer or crisp white, and the result you will get is truly mesmerizing. Pastels are soft hues that speak for themselves when paired with softer whites.

No, you need not cover an entire room with the pairing of pastels and white, but incorporating them here and there within the house will work magic. For example, you can paint an accent wall in pastel and white. Complement it with a pendant lighting fixture, and you will create a stunning corner in your home.

Using pastels in a completely white interior can add a major effect to the entire room. An expert tip would be saving pastels for different accent pieces like textiles, artwork, and lighting.

Pastels, when used with white, can create a very soft glow. Pairing light pink rose flowers with gold and a cream pastel palette can help in creating a heavenly abode of softness and warmth.

2. Cooking and Eating in Pastels

The kitchen appliances of these modern times have come a long way from just being in black, white, and beige. These are available in a rainbow of colors in the present era, starting from the stove and the refrigerator to the oven and various other varieties.

Even stand mixers and blenders have got a major color upgrade, with pastels taking center stage. There are lovely and beautiful pastel pink kitchen appliances available from different brands.

You can use them to upgrade the look of your kitchen and even your dining. Or you can even choose to upscale your gas burner by going for something available in a gorgeous pastel shade like buttery yellow, aqua, pink, and lavender.

Pastel colors are one of the most wonderful ways of transforming any boring kitchen into the most inspiring space.

3. Pair Pastels with Bright Colors

This is an unexpected combination! Imagine pastels being paired with different vivid colors. The combination would be WOW! The biggest design trend of the present era- combining pastels with bright shades like neon hues is fast making its way into modern interiors.

You can go for a completely pastel blue room heightened with the rich tones of lime green and bright orange. You can even go for a greener or grayer version of the hue in the chairs of your dining room.

When deciding on the color of the sofa for the drawing-room, you can go for the ones available in lavender, light chartreuse, or pale green shades. These are simply irresistible, especially when placed beside coral pink.

The rooms in your house can feature the lightest of peachy sheets and green walls. On the other hand, the modern shelves can feature books in some of the brightest colors like teal, royal blue, and orange. Add in a throw-in hot pick color or a rug featuring fiery details.

These decorating ideas with pastels will surely give your home a scintillating appeal and atmosphere.

4. Always Use Pastels in Pairs

It is always very easy to make the interior design statement that you have been dreaming of for such a long time simply by playing with different shades of pastels. Yes, you got it right. Find a pastel tone that best suits your imagination and style. Bring it into the bedroom or the dining room.

You can choose two and even more than two same-colored chairs for completing the look of your dining. It’s all about getting pastel-colored items in pairs so they accentuate the aura of the spaces where they are placed.

5. Create a Cottage Appearance with Cool Pastels

Whether you are fond of the rustic weathered appearance of classic cottage-style homes or the laid-back charm of the scruffy chic spaces – pastels can always be welcome additions.

To start with, go for furniture in solids, patterns, or you can mix and match both these styles. Use pastel shades of yellows, whites, blues, greens, and pinks to bring out some of the best natural influences.

Distressed and weathered wood would be very useful in creating beautiful backdrops. Go for some antique finds as well because these will help you bring out the country cottage style appearance more boldly and impressively.

6. Bigger Is Always Better

Take all-white homes into consideration here. One of the best ways of adding a bounce in such settings is simply by focusing on interesting pieces of furniture. It works wonders to bring in a pink couch.

For the modern and the chic, the idea of bringing in a pink sofa or couch will best suit the living room. Make sure the cushions are in the same material as the sofa, as this will create extended drama.

Final Words

It’s easy and probable to get all messy and chaotic when incorporating pastel colors in your home decoration ideas. But, a bit of creativity here and there, and you will be all set to create pastel interiors that make you the star of the neighborhood.


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