How do online platforms help to learn spelling in an easy way?

Online websites for learning difficult words provide easy methods for each grade according to difficulty, so students are not overwhelmed. On these tools, teachers receive student reports and track their progress. Teachers and Parents can use SpellQuiz. You can try SpellQuiz for 14 days free of charge. These spelling activities on the online platform are also great for practicing keyboarding skills.

The importance of spelling today

The abuse of social networks causes many errors, bad spelling. Many people are too lazy to write well. The immediacy or the whirlwind of being the first to share content causes blunders in spelling mistakes.

Among the most common mistakes is the absence of accents. Many users justify this mistake based on convenience and speed, but these mistakes can completely change the meaning of a sentence, forcing the reader to reinterpret the message.

Another prevalent aspect in social networks is the absolute absence of punctuation marks, which results in patience for people who read these types of publications.

Do not forget that punctuation marks are the written demonstration of the necessary and natural pauses that a person makes to read and understand a text correctly.

So in daily communication, correct spelling plays an important role. Below are a few ways to improve spelling mistakes:

Practice Quizzes on different online portals: 

Sign in as a teacher to access the Dashboard, Practice tabs, Reports, and Blog tabs. There are many activities, spelling bees, and lessons on the online portal. Also, these sites give the option of practicing spelling bee words for adults. Students can choose the assignment according to their level. Like if you just start learning a language, and then select a start-up level assignment.

Accessibility for online spelling test:

A screen reader is required to access the website and spelling activities. Students can get a large number of exercises that they can practice online. There are vast numbers of platforms that offer these types of activities without any cost. Students can also download the assignments from these websites for their future practice.

Quiz Games

The layout of the Quiz Game differs from those for basic spelling games. The Quiz Games allow you to create a sentence that starts with a blank and then has four options.

These quizzes can be used as a repetition for online test assessments. They contain content that is similar to those found in reviews. Students can use their tech skills to practice. As they direct through the questions, they choose their answers. This quiz is about grammar. These are the question and answer options:

Are you a teacher with students that you want to challenge? The Spelling Quiz is a great way to test your spelling skills. Only 1% of people can correctly answer all 30 questions.

Notice: Many world-class spellers have fallen because they misspelled one of these words in the history of the national spelling contest.

Better, make him watch short videos on the Internet, in which these celebrities answer an interview on a television show, walk a red carpet or promote their work. Soon, he’ll have fun reading their tweets in English or even responding to them in English.


If you’re a bit artistic, illustrating words and idioms using simple drawings can be a great way to revise them. A quick Google Images search for “illustrated idioms” will inspire you with many examples.

Instead of sitting down to memorize lists of words and phrases, choose the ones you want to memorize and draw a simple sketch. Do not write the word/phrase on your picture. Leave it as it is and, on your next visit, try to remember the corresponding vocabulary. Better yet, use a simple online sketching tool to create your image so you can save it and come back to it later when you study again.

The difficulties associated with double consonants, silent letters, and circumflex accents become child’s play. Thanks to the drawings that represent them as animals, objects, or symbols. 


So, there are many ways to learn spell. It depends upon which method you like to choose and depends upon on your learning skill.                      


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