How Do You Start a Search Engine Optimization Company?

The internet and its ways to grow a company have become a focus point for business growth in recent years. Everyone is beginning to understand the impact a well constructed website can have on your annual turnover. But what about the companies that make this possible? We are talking about SEO companies and why you might be thinking about starting one.

Niche Down

This is great advice no matter what your business is but it is particularly important for a new SEO business. You may be an expert in SEO but you may need to be specific when you start out. There are thousands of companies who offer a wide range of SEO solutions and your new company may get lost in the noise. Niching down allows you to focus on your desired demographic.

What services will you offer?

SEO is a broad term that covers a lot of different things but ones will you be offering? If you have decided to niche down, you may have an idea of what services you will offer. The best thing to do here is choose one or two things that you are the best at. Once you have made a name for you and your company, you can think about adding new services and making them available to your clients. This can also stop you from becoming overwhelmed with too many different tasks when you are starting out.

Create an Online Presence for yourself

Having an SEO business means that you need to be able to cultivate an online presence for yourself and your clients. One of the first steps to showing clients what you are capable of is creating your own special space online. This means you will have to create a website, social media accounts and any other ways that you think will help attract your clients. You will also need to think about your brand and the types of mediums you plan on using to promote yourself.

Create a Portfolio of work

A portfolio is an excellent way to show people what you can do for their businesses. By building your own portfolio of results, client testimonials, and positive reviews, you will be able to prove to new potential clients that your services are worth the money. Remember, businesses are investing thousands of dollars (sometimes millions of dollars) into ensuring their online presence is the best that it can be.

Keep your Clients

Once you have found your first clients and given them the finest treatment that you offer, they are happy, and they leave, what then? Make sure that they know that they can come back to you any time! Because the internet is constantly changing, SEO constantly needs to be tweaked. Once you have completed the initial job, offer to follow up with them every few months for an SEO check-up. Most people recognize that prevention is better than the cure, and they will be happy to keep you on as their go-to SEO company.



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