How Soda Is Bad For Your Teeth?

We are all aware of the need of staying hydrated throughout the day for good health. While some individuals switch to seltzer to wean themselves off of sugary beverages, sports drinks, and fruit juices, many people drink sparkling water to add a little effervescent pleasure to their everyday water intake.

It’s usually a good idea to consume less sugar, but are sugar-free carbonated drinks like seltzer really another form of evil? Does sparkling water or soda carbonation harm your teeth? Here is all the information you require.

How It Is Bad For Teeth?

To begin, seltzer must be distinguished from sodas. Sugary sodas and many sugar substitutes are bad for your teeth. Everything we eat or drink leaves a thin residue on our teeth, and the sugary film left by sodas is especially tenacious. Excess sugar causes plaque buildup and cavities, which are permanently damaged areas of teeth that grow into tiny holes.

If cavities are left untreated, they grow larger and begin to affect the innermost layers of your teeth. Tooth decay, at best, causes tooth sensitivity as well as unsightly brown or black stains on your teeth. Cavities, at worst, result in tooth loss.

Additionally, a variety of acids, including tartaric, phosphoric, and citric acids, are present in soft drinks. These acids give the soda flavour and colour, but they also wear away at the enamel on your teeth over time. Your teeth are shielded from regular wear and tear by your tooth enamel, a firm, semi-translucent exterior mineral covering. Over time, the soda’s acids and sugars combine to erode your enamel and reveal the sensitive dentine beneath. Once this occurs, you’re more prone to experience tooth decay and cavities.

The greatest strategy to prevent tooth erosion is to eliminate soda in addition to practising good Oral Hygiene Ottawa (diet or otherwise). However, what does that mean for seltzer?

How Carbon Affects The Dental Health

Seltzer and soda have one thing in common: carbonation, which should raise some eyebrows. A chemical reaction between carbon dioxide gas and the water it has been dissolved produces bubbles in your beverage.

When you drink seltzer or soda, you consume the chemical reaction that results in carbonation and the formation of carbonic acid. Carbonic acid, like all other acids, can erode tooth enamel and jeopardise your dental health.

However, soda and sparkling water don’t necessarily carry the same risks. Compared to soda, sparkling water is less bad for your teeth. Dentist Ottawa generally agrees that flat water is worse for your teeth than unflavored carbonated water and that you shouldn’t drink carbonated water all the time. Unflavored carbonated water is better for your teeth than soda.

It’s recommended to drink carbonated water in moderation because carbonic acid can still have a harmful impact on your tooth health.

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Drinking soda on a regular basis is far more likely to harm your teeth than drinking seltzer, but you should still be cautious. You’ll be well on your way to keeping your teeth healthy and strong if you practise good dental hygiene, avoid sodas, and drink carbonated water only occasionally.


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