How to Get Rid of Constipation at Home?

Constipation is an extremely common problem almost in every household. It is always impossible to pop in some pills to get rid of it, so curing it naturally at home is always a better option. Here is a list of ways on how to get rid of constipation at home.

1. Drink sufficient amounts of water: One of the very common reasons causing constipation is your body being dehydrated. It is very important to drink a lot of water to keep your system hydrated. A person may also opt for carbonated water (not carbonated drinks!). This will be effective at providing you relief and re-starting your proper bowel movement.

2. Drink coffee: Coffee can help you with your constipation problem. The catch here is you have to drink caffeinated coffee because it contains some soluble fibers and components that stimulate your muscles in the gut.

3. Include fiber: Make sure you include enough fiber in your diet if you have a constipation problem. Inclusion of both soluble and insoluble fiber is important because the soluble fibers soak water and soften your stool. In contrast, the insoluble fibers contribute to the bulk of your stool and help it move faster through your digestive system.

4. A spoonful of coconut oil: Having a spoonful of coconut oil doesn’t sound appealing at all. If you can’t gulp it down, just add it to your coffee or use it as a salad dressing. The coconut oil lubricates your intestine and helps in the prevention of constipation.

5. Laxosoft powder: This is an ayurvedic laxative powder consisting of herbal ingredients like isabgol, saunf, and triphala. It is an herbal care remedy for better digestion. It helps to reduce constipation, along with gas and acidity. It is advisable to consume it before bedtime by mixing two spoonfuls with lukewarm water.

6. Laxative powder: Measure the prescribed dose on the cap of the bottle you get your laxative powder in and mix it tea, coffee, juice, or warm water. It helps to increase the bulk of your stool, facilitating the bowel movement. It may increase the number of times you have your bowel movements, but it is effective. These are commonly known as constipation powder.

7. Figs: Include figs or anjeer in your dietary staple, as it has high fiber content. It can provide you with instant relief, and also, if you use it daily, it improves the functioning of your digestive system.

8. Sesame seeds: You can add sesame seeds in different dishes that you cook or salads. Sesame seeds lubricate your intestine, causing easy movement of dry stool.

9. Bananas: A classic home remedy for constipation. They are a good source of fiber, improve your digestive system’s functioning, and help with the stimulation of necessary bacteria.

10. Exercise: A good many numbers of exercises can also provide you with relief from your constipation problem.

These were some of the easy ways to prevent as well as get rid of constipation at home. If the problem still persists, schedule a check-up with your doctor for any underlying diseases.


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