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How to Include Sola Wood Flowers in Your Wedding Day

A wedding day is rarely complete without including some sort of flower decoration. On the other hand, conventional floral arrangements can be prohibitively expensive, especially for something that wilts throughout the day and is typically thrown away once the wedding is done. Sola Wood Flowers can be used for anything that can be done with fresh flowers, as well as a plethora of other things.

Using wood flowers is environmentally responsible and cost-effective when it comes to your bridal bouquets and centerpieces! And you can’t dispute that they’re very stunning! Even though they are entirely natural and weigh next to nothing, these blooms have a cork or foam feel. Here are some examples of how you may incorporate sola wood flowers into your wedding decor.

Reception floral:

Even if you are relieved that you did not go over budget for your wedding, the ceremony and reception are nevertheless lavishly decorated with beautiful flowers, allowing you to take a deep breath of relief. Even better, what if it gets even better? You’ll be able to retain them forever as a reminder of one of the happiest days of your life.

The reception is typically where the majority of the flower arrangements from the wedding day are displayed. You may use sola flowers for each and every one of these projects. Wooden flowers can be used to decorate your wedding cake to provide a splash of color. Include them in your table centerpieces to provide a touch of natural decor to the entire event site. If you want to go all out, you could even create a floral wall out of wood flowers, which would be a fantastic photo opportunity for your guests!


One of the things that couples consider for their wedding reception is the venue and decorations, including the wood flower centerpiece for their reception table. Couples may choose to forego table linens, floral arrangements, and table settings, but they must ensure that the centerpiece is appropriately decorated.

However, how does one go about selecting a wood flower centerpiece for their reception?

The most appealing aspect of centerpieces is that they can be made out of almost anything. As long as it is in keeping with the overall theme of the wedding, there will be no problems with it.

Not only can creating an easy centerpiece with lovely sola wood create an enormous impact on your wedding tables, but it also ends up saving you money because you only need a small amount of material to bring everything together. The beauty of utilizing sola wood for your tables is that they require little maintenance and survive for a very long period of time!

Wedding Bouquet:

Flowers are arranged in a certain way, but you can customize your bouquets by using any colors and flowers that you wish to use. The disadvantages of a natural flower arrangement, on the other hand, are their low durability and the short amount of time they can be used before they wither. As a result, the bride must devote a significant amount of time and attention to her bouquet during the wedding. And that can be stressful, detracting from her ability to thoroughly enjoy her fairytale wedding day. On the other hand, with a wooden bouquet, you won’t have to be concerned about any of these issues.

Fresh flowers are more inflexible than even the softest wood; sola, on the other hand, can be dyed in any color. The average person will not require the same level of expertise as a florist.


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