How to Make a Frog Game Out of a Cereal Box

Custom Printed Cereal Boxes

Cereals are served as a main and healthiest breakfast around the globe. From the past few years new and tasty flavors have been introduced in the market. With the increase in the demand of the cereals of all types the need of innovative packaging solution has escalated. These boxes come with all the printed information about the nutrition value, ingredients, and other related information regarding cereals.

Promote your brand with high class boxes that incorporate unique designs, colorful themes, and materials that satisfy the entire business requirement and customers’ need. You can customize these boxes in accordance with your brands’ theme and message and can convey it properly to your customers. Design your packaging enough attractive that kids and parents get drawn towards your packaging while shopping through aisle.

Cereal Packaging for Kids

Though cereals are considered as the breakfast that is mainly loved by kids! But what makes them attractive for kids? Packaging that has cartoon characters on it usually attracts little cereal consumers. While targeting your specific audience you need to consider and manufacture packaging that fulfills their requirements in every way possible.

When you are targeting only women audience you choose colors, theme, and design that will attract as many ladies as possible. Similarly, when you are targeting kids you must incorporate vibrant colors, fun designs, and some sort of cartoon characters on the packaging. This way when kids are shopping for their breakfast cereal they will grab your cereal with packaging that is specially designed for them

Happiness in the Box

We all know for the fact that customers love free stuff! When it comes to cereal boxes customers tend to reach for the cereal that comes with toys and free stuff in it. What could be a better way to make kids happy then the toys? Though it is not compulsory to add extra thing like toys in the boxes but it has proven to be profitable for the cereal makers. Cheap cereal boxes can be made worth buying when kids are offer more than just cereals in the box. Such kind of cereals makes the most sales apart from just packaging kids’ cereals make most sales when they have toys in it.

How to Make a Frog Game Out of a Cereal Box

Why wasting a cereal box when you can make entertaining games out of it? This is homemade game which can keep both kids and adults entertained. This game requires mini or regular cereal boxes with other household items that are available easily at your home.


Following are the things you are going to need to made this game which are easily available at your home or the market new you.

  1. Empty large or mini size cereal box.
  2. Different color markers to write scores.
  3. Pencils to draw precise lines.
  4. Round tip safety scissors.
  5. Chocolate balls.
  6. Plastic spoon.
  7. Sturdy wooden stripes.
  8. Rubber bands.
  9. Clear tape.
  10. Glue bottle to drop glue on the shape of drops.
  11. Round cylinder of cardboard material/ Round cylinder medicine packaging.


Cereal boxes and attractive cereal packaging make the most impact on customers than the cereals themselves. These boxes are not only used to hold and protect the cereals but to display your product in the most efficient and versatile way. Custom printed cereal boxes have proven to be beneficial and game changer for cereal making companies and can be customized into any material, size, styles, and designs. These boxes can be used in different activities for kids such as a frog game. Cardboard boxes are used in so many kids’ activities and games which can be made from things available at home.



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